This page is devoted to downloadable apps which are either free or relatively low cost


A lovely wordprocessor for writers that makes typewriter sounds as you write, but more importantly produces the cleanest HTML which means perfect ePub and Kindle ebooks as a save-as option. Reads and writes word file types: docx, doc, rtf and html. Costs US$19.
This is probably the best alternative to Microsoft Office out there. File compatible with the Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint with very similar look and feel but very small compared to the Microsoft application. Available on Windows, Android and ios.
Costs $0
As much a publishing project tool as a word-processor, Scrivener is a one stop shop for writing projects. It has its own way of doing things which you either like or find frustrating. 
Costs US$40

Story Timeline

A timeline app for writers on Windows or iOS. Allows fantasy calendars as well as normal ones.
Costs US$40