Fiction on Fact with Stephanie M. Sellers

America's largest ongoing mystery, The Lost Colony,
and North Carolina's Lumbee Indians take center stage in
 'The Gamecocks.'
The Gamecocks 
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The Gamecocks Stephanie M Sellers

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'The Gamecocks' Paperback

This Literary Fiction braids historical theories on North Carolina's Lumbee Indians and America's largest ongoing mystery, The Lost Colony, with a friendship that will never leave you.
References and guide to North Carolina’s Lumbee Indians’ entertaining and endangered vernacular is included.

In ‘The Gamecocks' Jake Wilkes has ownership of his best friend’s bank account and winery and is engaged to the woman of their dreams. But he doesn’t have the highly coveted proof of the Lumbees’ true origins. It was stolen it from his best friend, Bruce Black. His death made headlines. Jake bravely directs his first presentation, ‘Lumbee Indians and America’s First Christians,’ which seems like a fiasco, and receives death threats and a proposition by an unassuming wordsmith. As Jake dictates his true life tale of growing up with a Lum as his best friend he reveals a secret subculture. And life on the swamp becomes a jubious ride to live to tell the tale.

Set in rural North Carolina’s Sandhills where moonshine, conjuring, church and fifty five thousand Lumbee Indians truly are as much a part of the beloved culture as America’s largest ongoing mystery, The Lost Colony  

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'The Gamecocks'

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And NEW Evidence!


'The Lost Colony' mystery parts oceans and opens eyes.

After decades archaeologists may have their best evidence ever of the possible fate of Sir Walter Raleigh's "Lost Colony." In the form of a clue from Sir Walter himself, secreted within the 425 year old "Virginea Pars" map drawn by his expedition to site the first English colony in the New World.

This link offers more than plausible theory on the Lumbees' and Outer Banks' curious vernaculars. Read 'The Gamecocks.'

Lost Colony Discovery May 2013 UNC

‘The Gamecocks’ is ideal for introducing plausible historical theories, sociolinguistics, and regional culture, in classrooms.

Complete with references and a guide to North Carolina’s Lumbee Indians’ entertaining and endangered vernacular this scholarly fiction, ‘The Gamecocks,’ is suitable for Sociology, Psychology, History, Native American Studies, English, and Language curriculums. Consider a copy for the library and as stock in student centers.


'The Gamecocks' Reviews on Goodreads

Fran Lewis’ 5* review excerpt: “The final chapters bring it all together... “Can anyone tell me the link of Lumbees to the Holy Grail? Then the past comes to life. When you read Chapter 12 you will understand the connections as one picture says more than just a thousand words and finding the jeweled cross in a sketch and giving it to them would prove perfect of the Lost Colony’s contact with the Lumbee. Just what happens next and a letter would change it all. Gamecocks: a rooster of a fighting breed or one bred for fighting. Just what this means and how fierce would these people fight for what they believe and the truth read The Gamecocks and find out what happens when lies, betrayals, truths and deceits unfold with one major secret. An ending that is so powerful you will never forget it.” More from Fran:

"The history about the Lost Colony and the Lumbee was quite 
interesting and compelling. Love Jake. Fran"

Yolando Bond’s 5* review: “I couldn't put it down. I loved the relationships of the two main characters. True lifetime friendships are hard to find. To know someone will always be there for you no matter what is inspiring. I enjoyed the way the author kept you wanting to know more. Very entertaining and riveting. I experienced rage, love, pity and compassion.

North Carolina's Stephanie Sellers

With a history in Language Arts, pottery, sculpture and military service, Stephanie Sellers has a diverse view. As a writer she interprets the world around her. Her works include short stories, full length fiction and non fiction. She enjoys researching human behavior, sociolinguistics and psychohistory. Aside from writing for her children she has written stories for the non profit group, Wild Horse Rescue Center which is assisted by the environmental non profit, The Abraham Foundation. Visit online at Fiction on Fact with Stephanie M. Sellers.

Welcome to the blog, Stephanie.
Where do you live, and how has your environment affected your writing? 

 I live in North Carolina’s Sandhills. When our family first moved here from the Midwest we took a trip to the beach and passed through a small town with Cherokee trading stores like we had seen in North Carolina’s mountains. I asked my dad if we could stop. He told me no. He also told me something so deeply intriguing I never stopped wondering. My dad had learned the townspeople who identified themselves as Native American Indian had a link to The Lost Colony and that their effort to attain full federal recognition as NAI was controversial. Our family also went to see the famous outdoor drama on the Outer Banks, The Lost Colony.

That small town was Lumberton. That first intrigue was over forty years ago. And the book inspired by America’s longest ongoing mystery is titled, The Gamecocks. (A full list of references and credits are listed.)

Encounters with the Lumbee people are like bouquets of wildflowers due to their warm aura and charming vernacular. Anyone who has heard them speak will tell you the same. There is no other language like theirs and it is now an endangered language. A guide to the Lumbee vernacular is included in The Gamecocks.

Wow, as a North Carolina native myself, I find this intriguing.
How many books have you written?

 I have written eight books. Here are the most recent:

Mustang Seeds Paperback Creative Non Fiction, Ages 8-12, Inspirational story on real Mustang from America’s wilderness preserves. ('Mustang Seeds' ebook )
Mustang Seeds:An American Love Story Featuring Romeo

 Romeo's Story Paperback Creative Non Fiction, Young Adult, Inspirational story on real Mustang from America’s wilderness preserves. ('Romeo's Story' ebook )
Romeo's Story: A Wild Horse Rescue Center's Mustang

What to Do When a Chick Loves You Paperback Creative Non Fiction, Ages 5 and up.

Sweet Trees Don't Scream Paperback Informative Fiction, Ages 3 and up, A Read-to-Me-Book.

Black Purse Paperback Southern Suspense. Adult. ( 'Black Purse' ebook )

 Most recently published book:

The Gamecocks Paperback

Jake Wilkes has ownership of his best friend’s bank account and winery and is engaged to the woman of their dreams. But he doesn’t have the highly coveted proof of North Carolina’s Lumbee Indians’ true origins.

It was stolen it from his best friend, Bruce Black. His death made headlines. So Jake bravely directs his first presentation, ‘Lumbee Indians and America’s First Christians,’ which seems like a fiasco, and receives death threats and a proposition by an unassuming wordsmith. When Jake shares his true life tale of growing up with a Lum as his best friend he reveals a secret subculture and life on the swamp becomes a jubious ride to live to tell the tale. While a world away a second chance at love rides in on a turbulent tide. 
Set in rural North Carolina where moonshine, conjuring, church and fifty five thousand Lumbee Indians truly are as much a part of the beloved culture as America’s largest ongoing mystery, The Lost Colony. The Gamecocks ebook

 Do your characters take on a life of their own? If so, which is your favorite?

Absolutely. Bruce Black in The Gamecocks has to be my favorite. When an underdog overcomes it’s like reliving The Lone Ranger’s triumphs. And Bruce is so hot and exciting he’s definitely the character I’d love to meet in real life. Here's a link over to Stephanie's giveaway! 

What challenges did you face while writing this book?

The biggest challenge was finding time for research and rewrites while working.

 Do you travel to do research or for inspiration? Can you share some special places with us?

 Horseback trail riding in North Carolina’s Sandhills leads to contacts and inspiration.

What do you think is the greatest lesson you’ve learned about writing so far? What advice can you give new writers?

The greatest lesson about writing came to me first as a lesson about sewing from a determined grandmother, “Rip it out and start over.” So the best advice I can give is to not give up, even if you have to rip it out and start over ten times before your proof reader stops clenching teeth. Never give up.

Where do you store ideas for later use: in your head, in a notebook, or on a spreadsheet?

On napkins, used envelopes, anything I can get my hands on and cram into a pocket.

Can you tell us your future writing goals/projects?

There is a pile of notes on a romance project kept in a briefcase.

This Author Interview was with author Susan Whitfield. Thank you, Susan.
Visit her blog for great leads to new authors and to follow her mysteries!

Mustang Seeds
An American Love Story Featuring Romeo

Stephanie M Sellers
Author and Illustrator

Photography by Lindsay D. Hobart

Mustang Seeds
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Partial Proceeds benefit Wild Horse Rescue Center  WEBSITE 

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Mustang Seeds Paperback

When a once-wild horse from America's Wilderness Preserves in Nevada is separated from his herd family and ends up at Diane Delano's Wild Horse Rescue Center all are awed by his surprising talent.
Mustang Seeds:An American Love Story Featuring Romeo
This Creative Non Fiction inspires environmental awareness and responsibility for all living beings.
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Color illustrations with full page pin up poster of Romeo!

Be a part of the legend.

Mustang Seeds

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Romeo's Story

A Wild Horse Rescue Center's Mustang

Stephanie M Sellers
Author and Illustrator

Cover Courtesy of NY Times Photographer Anne Sheerwood

Content Photography by Lindsay D. Hobart
Romeo's Story
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Partial Proceeds benefit Wild Horse Rescue Center  WEBSITE 
Buy Your Copy Today and Help Save America's Wild Mustangs! Romeo's Story Paperback

Creative Non Fiction

You are invited to mount a pretend Mustang to wrangle up facts on the Cataclysmic Pre Columbian Horse Trail. Dodge old historical theories crashing down the hill and uncover surprising data on the true origin of America's Mustangs as you fall in love with beautiful and talented Romeo. If you are a seventh grader and write a paper on 'Romeo's Story' expect to stay after class. Your history teacher will call you remarkable and then together you will call Washington. This saucy fresh book will have all demanding that the definition of wild horses free-roaming on America's Wilderness Preserves be corrected to 'Mustangs.' Because we all know horses are prime examples of early frontiers, warriors, yet loyal and kindhearted companions. But not all know the whole story as seen by Romeo, one of America's indigenous icons. You will truly be transformed and never again refrain from questioning your history teachers.
Ebook on Amazon.

Romeo's Story: A Wild Horse Rescue Center's Mustang

Color illustrations and pin up poster of Romeo.

Be a part of the legend.

Romeo's Story

Sweet Trees Don't Scream

Sweet Trees Don't Scream

Creative Non Fiction

Sweet Trees Don't Scream

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Ages 3 & Up

A Read-To-Me-Book

Based on Scientific Research

After the shrub, Dear Brubber, ambushes brand new baby Sprout with a horrible scream an opportunity for a tree family to overcome screaming arises, but not without a great loss. 
Kindness, forgiveness and understanding are explored when Sweet Squirrel makes a sign. Without the screaming stunting his growth Dear Brubber grows from a shrub to the tallest of all the Sweet Trees.  
And as the tree family grows in kindness so does a brand new baby Sprout. "Happy Birthday!"
Ebook on Amazon.

Sweet Trees Don't Scream  Buy Here

What to Do When a Chick Loves You: A Memphis Book
Non Fiction Young Reader - Ebook on Amazon.

A trip down Chicken Foot Road leads to rivalry between a young boy's mommy and grandma. To a sweet serenade from a shoe box and to a deeper understanding of love.

Paperback. Buy Here. What to Do When a Chick Loves You

You can help save America's Wild Mustangs!
Wild Horse Rescue Center located in Mims, Fla. $5.00 of paperback sales via this Black Purse sale site goes to help our wild mustangs. WHRC WEBSITE 
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Southern Literature- As one woman's story of overcoming unfolds, so do the pages of The Underground Railroad.
Star Reviews! Now in all NC's State capital libraries.
While history waits for Exilee Sheffield to rise up strong from twentieth century oppression to grab the reins of her destiny's purse, true love does not. An adventurous trail ride binds Exilee to the man she loves and to another she has reason to hate. With the opportunity for revenge right in front of her pointed boot, she makes a choice that will lead to emancipation. It's a choice carved into her like words carved into heart pine by underground runaway slaves; daunting. Words taught from one generation to the next by Native American Indians forced to forsake many customs, like wandering Mother Earth, just to survive. Words forged with spilled blood, pride and promise by Whites who marked generations with greed and betrayal. Together, these words form the psychohistory of Exilee Sheffield's Lumbee Indian blood. Exilee shares this blood with her sister Glennie, who desperately desires the special inheritance only one of them will receive, the true gift of their childhood nanny's black purse. Glennie knows exactly what's inside and knows it has the power to make her famous. Glennie is a wealthy artist who paints replicas in a ritzy museum. Exilee just got fired from her college job as a horticulturalist. Now she's a horse trainer and farm hand and has no idea of what's inside their nanny's black purse. All Exilee knows is the gravel in her gut and screams from her horses urges her to fight for righteousness and in the end, her life. In the darkness, down a harrowing path, the sisters go places they never imagined, places they never wanted to return to and down into a dark timberline to a fall that cuts good from evil. Black Purse is comparable to The Shack for message. To The Doctor's Wife for understanding how the past, seemingly in the past, is triggered to consume sanity. Ebook on Amazon.
Be a part of the legend.

For a compelling look at Black Purse's main character, Exilee Sheffield, read
Oginalii is Cherokee for My Friend Like Horse is to My Heart.
Follow her from age eight to fifteen when she takes her first steps to becoming the bold woman she has to be to fulfill her destiny in Black Purse. Endearing, enchanting, fast and bold, Exilee Sheffield in OGINALII.
You can help save America's wild Mustangs.$1.33 of each paperback copy sol Oginalii is Cherokee for My Friend Like Horse is to My Heart goes to Wild Horse Rescue Center in Mims, Fla. Mustangs belong to all Americans. Help save them. WHRC WEBSITE

Feel eight years old with freedom to fall, fall in love, that is, with sweet sassy Exilee.
Oginalii is Cherokee for My Friend Like Horse is to My Heart is a Young Adult Short Story that pulls in your heart as you leave the asphalt for dusty rural roads and smelly farm land. Exilee Sheffield is a tomboy who recently lost her mother and deals with loneliness and grieving in a most unique manner. Anyone want to watch a pony-show with a cat on the back, featuring a three-legged buffalo, all led by a hyper terrier? Exilee doesn't. She wants to do it! And she will. Exilee wants to do anything except learn piano and as Auntie Bell says, "Learn some manners." Until Exilee learns Auntie Bell just might be her new best friend, if she'll let her. Stephanie M. Sellers THE OPENING OF OGINALII:“You think she's watching us?” Exilee whispers real soft-like to Yellow Cat as they sit down on the piano bench under her momma's picture. Yellow Cat bumps her purring head to the young girl's chin then leaps from her lap to the height of the piano. Exilee sighs. “I don't feel her anymore,” she whispers. “Like when she used to catch me with extra pie or that time with the green snake in the jar. I've even jumped off the shed a couple of times just to see if I could feel worried about getting caught. And I don't.”They sit studying her momma's picture. Exilee eases the bologna slice from the coffee cup's saucer and ruffles the edges with tiny bites as Yellow Cat listens to her teeth tattle. Yellow Cat's ears rear back and the very end of her tail flicks, once, in wait of her invitation to share the bologna slice.“Don't give up, Exilee. There will be a sign.” Yellow Cat turns around to face her, reclines and halfway closes her enchanting eyes. “Love never leaves you, Exilee. I really believe that.” “Wow.” Exilee's brown eyes liquefy as she returns the slice to the plate. “I want to believe that, more than anything.”She loosens a thick strand of her long black curly hair from its braid and twists it, like her momma used to do and sits spellbound by her momma's reflection. The picture hangs over the piano as a gorgeous reflection of an awful war in the early eighteenth century. Only red and black blood can make that kind of pretty. That's how her White daddy explains things. But her momma's reflection really goes back much further, according to what her momma told her in secret on her last day. Exilee Sheffield is her momma's mirror image, other than her momma's Lumbee Indian gray eyes. Exilee has a nose wider than her European relatives, tall cheekbones jutting out like cliffs above her full lips, and is auspiciously aware of the world around her. The only difference is that Exilee doesn't feel their people's music in the same way her momma, Star Locklear-Sheffield, did. Auntie Bell steals a quick peek at Exilee. The youngster sits on the piano bench directly under her momma's picture and dangles her spicy bologna slice above the keys just out of reach from Yellow Cat. Auntie Bell rolls her eyes and leans back into the kitchen as Exilee teases the cat with the bologna slice to walk across the piano keys, like Yellow Cat likes to do, so softly the pings pung as her paws pass over its black and white path. The bologna slice slimes across the keys as Exilee reclines onto the piano bench and longingly gazes up at her momma's solemn smile, sure she'd be pleased with her attention near the piano however undisciplined. Exilee closes her eyes and inhales, hoping for a sniff of her momma's scent near the old piano, but smells nothing but dust, old drab dust, stringent new and the musky outdoor dust brought in from coming and going. Auntie Bell edges past the door jamb as she yaks on the phone. Her hips sashay right at eye level with Exilee forcing her big dark eyes to take in her bright tight pink skirt. Exilee can't help but notice. Auntie Bell's petite figure is full at fifty-five and muscular from farm chores but her backside's bus is way past the ten stop to size fourteen with gracious parking at sixteen. After her pink skirt tucks into the kitchen, eight year old Exilee whispers to Yellow Cat, "Pink is for young girls.”
 Ebook with Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Smashwords. Barnes & Noble


ANOTHER 5 STAR REVIEW! Black Purse*****5Star Review: MCVEgan Black Purse Author: Stephanie M. Sellers Reviewed by: MCV Egan From the very first this romantic suspense introduces you to Exilee; a young and passionate untamable woman of mixed race it is clear she is educated with awareness and loyalty biased to her Native American Indian heritage, and only tolerant of her African American and White. In Black Purse author Stephanie M. Sellers uses colorful foreshadowing and bold verbal brushstrokes to prepare the reader for Exilee's journey of extremes. She daringly covers all that can be found in the best and worst of us all: love, compassion, friendship as passionate as hate, and both betrayal and revenge. In Cameron, North Carolina, in an Alfred Hitchcock type suspense, the various characters are full of layers and complexities, including the horses. The author's deep connection with horses is conveyed so completely to the reader, that at certain points the desire to saddle-up is unavoidable. Exilee is one of a number of characters through which the love and understanding of the distinctively named horses; Tiponi, Misun, Choctaw and MacGregor are explored. The horses are as far reaching in the story as any animal can be without being given an actual voice; their feelings and intent are strongly conveyed by their actions and reactions. The smells, tastes and feel of the North Carolina Horse country invite the reader to crave Southern food as well. Exilee's connection with her four legged companions allows them to communicate and interact in surprising ways, to the extent of believable telepathy. The story paints a picture in which little known actual facts of the Underground Railroad are revealed. This is also true of the Lumbee's Native Americans, recognized as a tribe only by the State of North Carolina. These facts, with strong narration as well as diverse characters, fill the reader with possibilities of the Lumbee's true heritage as hard issues are tackled in a strong and direct manner as characters discuss, experience and struggle with their sentiments on prejudice, race, sexuality and American values. The juxtaposition between all that is good in America is portrayed by the Crowson family whom you'll right want next door and would be honored to call friends. This is fittingly contrasted with all that is wrong in America as represented by others and mostly by the Wilkes family which is bound to raise some eyebrows and create heated discussions. The book is sure to affect the knowledgeable horse lover as well as one not as familiar. The reader will certainly finish the story with a strong understanding of the bond between people and horses. The absolute awareness that animals display through their sense of smell and realize who is to be trusted and who is to be feared super-exceeds that of their human counterparts. And in the end you'll definitely want a steady steed by your side as that lunatic bent on revenge learns the truth about the origins of Lumbee Indians. I recommend Black Purse to anyone that is interested in horses, self existential exploration, psychohistory, the rural South and its rich and sometimes, controversial culture. The sequel, Bruce Black, due out in 2012 is sure to be as colorful and entertaining as Black Purse. Reviwer: MCV Egan, 17 Sept 2011 MCV Egan is the Author of The Bridge of Deaths
Grant Me is in storyline with The Serenity Prayer, for eight year olds and adults. During yearly Thanksgiving visits parking-lot-mutt, Mister Zoo, mentors Mollie Mills' grandson, Grant. Ultimately, they decide to help his terminally-ill roughneck grandfather, Papa George, who is Mollie's ex husband, get to Heaven. This idea isn't something that just popped into their little heads. It's Mollie Mills' Grandpa's spirit acting as the evangelical preacher he was in his earthly life, winded, hot-headed and sometimes kind 'a spooky.
When Mollie moves her grandma, Ma'am Margaret, and her basset, into her small clapboard home life gets even more weird and wild. But it's all part of a bigger plan and part of the underlying, deeper love story. Filled with wisdom, charm, and mule-headed stubbornness, Grant is nearly prepared to help George get to Heaven. But Grant will have to grow some strong brave bones to overcome his fear of Papa George if he's going to help the hard-hearted rascal make reckoning with Heaven's Gates, without him picking the lock to gain entrance.Then Grant has to deal with his jealousy over Piper, Papa's precious little gift he left behind. It's like George just lives on and on, parading the legacy of George's mayhem, predicaments, and his big dog-hearted love. Southern family drama set in North Carolina with horse trails and life trials,
 Grant Me mirrors life with Christian values while exploring Providence. Enjoy, Stephanie M. Sellers.
My Tennessee Walking Horse, a mule mix, parking-lot lab and a German Shepherd. We enjoy camping and trail riding. I enjoy your comments!
Horses as National Treasure, a website created to encourage horse advocates against horse slaughter is another one of my sites. It includes a link to finding your Representatives in Legislature, our President and Speaker of the house. Copy, paste, print and mail the petition on the page. It's simple, fast and feels good. Together, we can change the world, Oginalii.
Brief Biography of Author
I remember ponies calling me over to feed them handfuls of grass from the time I was four. Growing up, ponies and horses dumped me on manure piles then ran to their barns. I've tackled their heads to get bits in, only to be scraped off. A pony picked me up once between my shoulder blades in its defiance of being led from the pasture. Its friends the cows chased me. Most of the time I ended up having a great ride getting my teeth jarred loose. A product of the late sixties, my childhood gave me the freedom to ride a bicycle to school. I tied string to the handlebars as reins and named it Lightening. It was my first horse. I rode every mutt pony, horse no one else would, any neglected nag in the back field and made friends with any girl who had two. When I was in my late twenties, after some college, including Language Arts, then the USAF, marriage and babies, I managed to conquer my dream and became a horse owner. One of them died two years ago. Sugarbabe was a Tennessee Walking Horse. She won first place in confirmation in North Carolina. She won my heart the first time I yelled, “Do you want a bath?” And she answered. Sugarbabe blew, tossed her long neck and ran to the barn. Her sister, Class is still with me. She is twenty-one and I'm freaking fifty years old. But both of us, at heart, are only thirteen when we are out on the trail.
More than a sex book. It's a life book. With sketches.

After reading 'Facts of Life' Presentation, In Accordance with the Natural World's Universal Truths think about what word is missing. If you figure it out Facebook friend me and I'll send you a FREE COPY of OGINALII is Cherokee for My Friend Like Horse is to My Heart. Good Luck!
Young Adult Non Fiction, 'Facts of Life' Presentation, In Accordance with the Natural World's Universal Truths, compares mating behaviors of birds, honey bees, snakes and people. Fascinating differences and awesome similarities are discovered as it answers the question, “Why am I here?” Complete with illustrations in five chapters it introduces environmental ideas while inviting responsibility. Focus on environmental responsibility begins in introduction as 'extinction' is explored alongside definition of Natural World, Universal Truth, and scientific classifications. Book contains two recent letters from Senators regarding Bureau of Land Management's impact on our endangered wild Mustangs as an example of present day extinction issues to invite reader to become pro active as an animal advocate. See Video on Saving America's Mustangs: Several 'Facts of Life' books for same age reader exist but none direct responsibility of Natural World to Humanoids. 'Facts of Life' Presentation, In Accordance with the Natural World's Universal Truths is written with satire and uncanny wit to lighten the load and aid absorption into refractory noggins. Target audience is eight year olds and up, through schools, civic groups, and educational centers, which I'm willing to solicit. With a delightful yet serious pledge this book dares reading as it empowers. Buy EBOOK now! Only 0.99!
Read Excerpt, Page 16 , Snakes dance. Well it looks like a dance when they mate. Sometimes snakes rise up and wind around one another and then fall to the ground. Sometimes they just wind all over one another like they are waltzing. And while it may look like the male snake is continuing to dance over the female, sometimes for as long as six hours, he really isn't. The male snake just has a very hard time trying to find her tiny cloacal opening he needs to penetrate with his tiny hemipene. Once the male snake succeeds in penetration they can stay locked in mating position for up to two hours. Often the female gets tired of the male snake and will slither off dragging him across the bumpy ground hoping to loosen his hemipene, but his tiny hemipene has spines on it to keep it from becoming dislodged. So the female just waits while the male deposits his sperm to fertilize her ovum. Snake mating behavior is simply called 'Mating'. (15) Often, when they're finished both their tails stand straight up, just like people.
Don't forget, after reading 'Facts of Life' Presentation, In Accordance with the Natural World's Universal Truths think about what word is missing. If you figure it out, Facebook friend me. Good Luck! And don't forget to wear your badge!