What Is This Website all About?

Greetings All:
In order to better suit your needs regarding the selection of enjoyable reading, I have put together a reading list of books--both fiction and nonfiction--which will aid in your selection.  You will find books listed by the two main categories listed in the previous sentence,  From there, the list will be broken down into the following:
--Fiction books' different types of genres (e.g. romance, sci-fi, adventure, horror, etc.)
--Nonfiction books listed by Dewey Decimal category (e.g. 0-99, 100-199, 200-299, 300-399, etc).

It is my suggestion that before I give you and/or your class a book talk, you should peruse this list for a more interactive book talk where you will be able to ask for further clarification of books that generate interest with you as a reader.

Reading is fundamental, to use a cliche`.  To be more precise, studies have shown that the better your reading capabilities, the better your comprehension and detail recall in all classes, not just English courses.  Also, being a better reader is a time saver, for better readers spend less time deliberating and wading through material that might be outside their reading comfort zone.

So, take a look at the links to the left, and from there you should be able to find a book or books that will create enjoyment for your leisurely activity.  Good luck!

Mr. Spencer