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Team League


This was our first season. We played in the U1800 with the following squad: predkoo - stevelco - PankracyRozumek - WilkBardzoZly - Witor - RockyRook. We fought for the play-offs till the very last round but finished 3rd.


Our average rating got a bit inflated so this time we started in U2000 with: NikolaAntonov - predkoo - PankracyRozumek - stevelco - Witor - RockyRook. We were very underrated in comparison to the other teams so we ended up at the last position.


This time we expanded to two sections:
- U2000: Amaterasu - predkoo - Defiled - Outposter - stevelco
- U1800: NikolaAntonov - coffato - olechos - witor - PankracyRozumek - RockyRook

Our U1800 team fought again for the play-offs till the very end and we narrowly missed the victory because of... weather conditions. One of our players missed the decisive game because of storm and flood at his area and our opponents gladly claimed forfeit.


We fielded two teams:
- U2000: Amaterasu - ArtemZenit - Levenfish - Outposter - predkoo - stevelco
- U1800: olechos - witor - PankracyRozumek - stevelco - RockyRook

The season was quite good:
- U2000 for the first time was not underdogs. We fought for promotion
till the last round and finished at nice 2nd place.
- U1800 took the 4th place out of 7 with 1 win, 1 loss and 4 draws. We
were again the only team not to lose with the leaders!


This time fixed sections were replaced by sections of teams of similar strength and we played in the following squad:
- Mysterious Moves: Amaterasu - ArtemZenit - Levenfish - predkoo - Outposter - stevelco
- Mysteriously Moving: olechos - witor - PankracyRozumek - Ivanuk - stevelco - RockyRook

This wasn't a good season:
The Mysterious Moves won 1 game, drew 1, and lost 4.
The Mysteriously Moving won 1 game, drew 1, and lost 5.


We fielded again two teams:
Mysterious Moves: Amaterasu - oldengawy (replaced after 1st round) - ArtemZenit - cytrus - predkoo - Ivanuk - tablajedrez
Mysterious Movers: NikolaAntonov - olechos - PankracyRozumek - witor - stevelco - RockyRook

The Moves finished the 8th, the Movers finished the 5th, but our teams were seeded 6th and 7th respectively in their sections, so it was a fair result.


Mysterious Moves: Amaterasu - cytrus - tanerture - Outposter - blackjokercz - outATime
Mysterious Movers: predkoo - Ivanuk - Tablajedrez - PankracyRozumek - stevelco - outATime

Both our teams ended up on the 4th place, which was quite good! Both teams also had play-offs chances till the last round, which is excellent!


Mysterious Moves: Amaterasu - ArtemZenit - tanerture - Outposter - predkoo - stevelco
Mysterious Movers: KrystianSz - predkoo - Tablajedrez - PankracyRozumek - nitelyjoy

It was a good season, many exciting games, no forfeits by us, a warm friendly atmosphere! The Moves won the championship! The Movers finished nicely on the 4th position.


Mysterious Moves: Amaterasu - ArtemZenit - dzomba - tanerture - KrystianSz - predkoo
Mysterious Movers: KrystianSz - paire - Tablajedrez - stevelco - PankracyRozumek - nitelyjoy

Moves  placed  6th  -  1  place higher than seeded. Movers are 5th - 3 places  higher  than  seeded.  Good result!


The first time we fielded three teams:
Mysterious Queen Moves: RonnieDuckach - donpachi - Yaro - ArtemZenit - antibot - KrystianSz
Mysterious Rook Moves: tanerture - KrystianSz - paire - Mekk - timeconstrained - predkoo - Hathkhola
Mysterious Knight Moves: nitelyjoy - stevelco - PankracyRozumek - icibiri - rupsi

Our table positions were:
Mysterious Queen Moves: 6th place/7 teams  (seeded 6th at the beginning, 4th since Ronnie joined us)
Mysterious Rook Moves: 4th place/8 teams (seeded 5th)
Mysterious Knight Moves: 7th place/7 teams (seeded 2nd)


Two teams:
Mysterious Queen Moves: RonnieDuckach - Amaterasu - JasSch - donpachi - Yaro - paire - Mekk
Mysterious Rook Moves: Tablajedrez - PankracyRozumek - Ivanuk - mysticeye - icibiri - rupsi

Our positions:
Mysterious Queen Moves: we finished at the disappointing 7th place/7 teams, but we were unfortunate to score some forfeit losses.
Mysterious Rook Moves: we won the championship after finishing the 1st/7 teams in the regular season!


Three teams:
Mysterious Queen Moves: Amaterasu - donpachi - Yaro - anandkvs - Mekk - Tablajedrez
Mysterious Rook Moves: donpachi - paire - LNO - KRMCHESS - OldRaptor
Mysterious Knight Moves: MEATSPINN - Mekk - belcaidalekhine - KRMCHESS - Hathkhola - icibiri - mysticeye

Mysterious Queen Moves finished 6th / 8 teams (seeded 4th).
Mysterious Rook Moves finished 3rd / 8 teams, fighting for the final till the last round (seeded 2nd).
Mysterious Knight Moves finished 3rd / 8 teams, also fighting till the last round (seeded 1st).


For the first time we fielded as many as four teams, but owing to the great help of John/OldRaptor and Kenny/KRMCHESS it didn't cause any administrative problems. John, Kenny, thank you!

We definitely scored much better than we could reasonably expect:
MQM - 2nd place (seeded 4th)
MRM - 1st place (seeded 3rd)
MKM - 2nd place (seeded 5th)
MPM - 1st place (seeded 8th)

Some of us had really remarkable season, some somewhat weaker, but overall as a team we performed excellently! No other team had subteams in more than two finals, we had in four. No other team had won more than one championship, we have won two.


This was reasonably good season for us despite we didn't win any title.

Mysterious King Moves missed just a half point to play in the final. Two seasons before, our top team in the Fischer section could just compete for the middle of the table. Now, the last season we hit the final, and now we were very close to it. I hope we will have a strong presence the next season, too.

Mysterious Queen Moves fought bravely to make an all-MM final, and again, half a point more in the last round would make it. 

Mysterious Rook Moves, guys, you were the best in the number of won game points across all the sections:
1. MRM 23 GP
2. Chude_Dziki_D 22.5 GP
3. All_Good_People_B 21.5 GP

Again, we had just a half a point too few here...

Mysterious Bishop Moves, it was tough here with all the other teams rated closely 1944-1966, and you rated only 1881.

Mysterious Knight Moves, after not so good start, you managed to fight for the final until the last round! All that despite one player disappearing, and another one having to withdraw.

Mysterious Pawns Moves, similarly to MBM, we didn't have much chances. Definitely the fact that the top 2 players were not full-time players made its impact here.


Congrats to Jim (JasSch) for winning the Game of the Week for Round 1:

... and Round 3:

... and to Amir (golddust) for drawing the Game of the Week for Round 5:

Also the following persons have won games in the top 3 of GOTW: Marcus (Amaterasu), Sven (axeltiger), Gerben (Credit), Ahmed (AKhairat). Well done!


This was pretty good season for us. We made the Fischer section final the 2nd time in the last 3 seasons. We were also very close to making the Spassky section final 3rd time in a row.
- MKM seeded 4th, ended 2nd
- MQM seeded 3rd, ended 5th
- MRM seeded 6th, ended 3rd
- MBM seeded 6th, ended 5th
- MPM seeded 6th, ended 5th


We did perhaps a bit worse than expected: one finalist team out of five. Congrats to all the Mysterious Bishop Moves players!

Results of particular teams:
Mysterious King Moves -- the 3rd position in the Fischer section. Not bad, we fought for the finals almost till the end.

Mysterious Queen Moves - the 4th position.

Mysterious Rook Moves - the 5th position.

Mysterious Bishop Moves - the 2nd position and runners-up in the final. Congrats to Ronald/gubbengraa, Kunjan/Hathkhola, Lars/LNO, Pavol/Pcibiri and Mike/Miltie.

Mysterious Pawns Moves - the 7th position.