Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada

The Canadian Chapter of the International Costumers' Guild  

Jacqueline M. Ward.

About the Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada

The Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada is the Canadian chapter of the International
Costumers Guild. Our group is comprised of costume hobbyistsprofessionals, and enthusiasts from across Canada.
We are a social chapter participating in major events as well as hosting informal meetups. Because of the geographical distance between most of our members, we communicate largely via the internet. (Except for Beavra, who communicates mainly by slapping his tail on the surface of water).

Memberships is $13CAN per individual, and are due yearly. Upon registering and paying your dues you will begin to receive a copy of the ICG newsletter in the mail.

To join the Fibre Fantasy Artists please go to ICG Chapters and apply.

Recently, the Fibre Fantasy Artists helped organize a major event, Costume-Con 35, which was held in Toronto in 2017.

 This was only the third time Costume-Con has been in Canada in its 30+ year history.

 About the International Costumers Guild 

About the International Costumers Guild

We welcome everyone with an interest in the art of costuming from concept to assembly, to display, and all stages in between &  in all areas of costume. Our members include historic reenactors, professional, educational and community theatrical costumers, science fiction fans, renaissance festival participants, and a vast array of others who are interested in the making, wearing and display of costume.

The ICG is formed of chapters across the United States and in countries such as Canada & Australia. Area chapters meet on a regular basis, trading tips, skills and ideas among members. Most chapters also produce newsletters several times a year, providing out-of-town members with a chance to contribute and share their own interests and ideas.

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