Fibonacci Trading Institute, Introducing the Proprietary Fibonacci Method

Fibonacci’s usefulness in predictive charting is hugely important as it is one of the few techniques that can predict where turning points and reversal areas exist within a market’s price action, and at what precise future price point. The Fibonacci Method used at the Fibonacci Trading Institute utilizes Price Action for Entry and Fibonacci for Exit, on any instrument and any time-frame.

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The Fibonacci Trading Institute strives to eliminate all trader discrimination by utilizing repetitive patterns of price in conjunction with their ‘key reversal’ points. Traditional analysis utilizes ‘lagging’ indicators, and ALWAYS behind the predictive curve. This proprietary method at the Fibonacci Trading Institute is NOT software, contains NO indicators, and it can be traded from any platform with Fibonacci Tool.
Fibonacci Trading Institute have been teaching this method globally since 2011 to traders of all levels; from entry level to Professional, in family offices and even out to Hedge Funds and Prop Desks. The Fibonacci Trading Institute Method taught in online live classes will teach you how to identify these key areas using proprietary Fibonacci Techniques. Fibonacci Trading Institute has evidenced the accuracy of the Fibonacci Method in not only the trading room, but through many public and private mediums and social media. The accuracy of the method is in such demand that Fibonacci Trading Institute now teaches not just retail traders but also Hedge Fund traders.
The Fibonacci Trading Institute adheres to strict Risk Management controls and the clear trading guidelines allow for the calculation of measurable metrics for clear statistical data. Fibonacci Trading institute demonstrates the method in live markets on S&P. Method applies to any security, Index, ETF, Options or Forex. For up to the minute news at Fibonacci Trading Institute, please read our Blog for more information.