Scholarship Raffle 2015


A Raffle To Support Fiber Retreat Scholarships 

The 28th annual Chautauqua in the Park, in Chillicothe, MO brought over $200.00 to the scholarship fund for Fiber Retreat held in Jefferson City.  In addition to being a good fund raiser, it showcased fiber, weaving and spinning skills, and brought attention from a public that still asks “People still do this?”


Trying to keep this interest alive, the Traditional Arts coordinator for Chautauqua in the Park for September 7-8, 2013 ( the 29th festival year), suggested “Llama to Loom” as a feature of this year’s festival.  The fiber participants in the event were on board and the publicity went out.  Zelma Cleaveland donated seven colors of llama fiber ranging from white to black for the weft and Jeff Reynolds donated the black alpaca warp.  Thirteen spinners arrived Saturday morning and pounced on the fiber to start spinning.,  Jeff wound the warp on Saturday morning while the spinning and plying was in progress.  Once the warp was wound and a twill pattern chosen , the loom was warped.  The plan was for a random color pattern.  People checked often on the progress on the shawl and the emerging pattern.


Instead of a raffle for the shawl, a silent auction was in play for finding a new owner for it.  Dr. Helen Swartz got the shawl as it came off the loom, but only for a while as it still had fringe to be knotted and blocking to be done.  The $250 proceeds from the project will be donated to the 2014 Scholarship Fund for Fiber Retreat in Jefferson City, MO.


Participants:  Jeff Reynolds (Marshall, MO), Breanna Sackrey (Ludlow, MO), Zelma Cleaveland (Chillicothe, MO), Teresa Goatey (Sandoval, IL), Dr. Helen Swartz ( Centralia, MO), Gloria Geyser (Knog Noster MO), Saundra Keiffer (St. Joseph, MO), Sally Foley (Cowgill, MO), Joanna Mohn (Fillmore, MO), Jenessa Keller (Meadville, MO), Mary Riddle, Abby Riddle, Naomi Riddle, and Erin Riddle (Kidder, MO), Elaine Duncan, (Purdin, MO)