Saturday Afternoon March 11th

1-5 pm         4-H Camp 1                                                           


Class Size:  Max 20                 



terials Fee: $ 60 

1-4 pm
4-H Camp 2

1-4 pm
4-H Camp 3

This is an all day class. . . .

This class involves the use of a bell shaped resist to create a three dimensional hood of hand felted fiber.  The hood is then blocked, shaped and steamed into a brimmed hat.  Students will choose a solid color or blend of colors and add embellishments if they wish.  You will also be shown how to make rolled cording for self-hatbands. 

1-5 pm                                                                      4-H Camp Kitchen                                                                                 

We are just learning how this form of weaving fits into our lives. At this time there are no books available on weaving on a peg loom and your imagination will be the only boundaries of your creativity in this class. You will learn different techniques to help you achieve your goal, such as plain weave, inlay’s, color and texture structures, and much more. Check out Pinterest for example of things you can make from rugs, placemats, scarves, purses, to wall hangings. You will go home with an amazing completed project of your choice. I will bring a tub full of yarns and other fun stuff. Use of a Peg Loom is included in your registration. Handouts included .

Students are welcome to bring any fiber, fabric, etc they would like to experiment with.

Class size:  min 1, max 12  Materials Fee: $45

1-4 pm                                             

Learn the quick and easy way to tat.Using a needle, this vintage needlework art can be mastered in a short amount of time.  It looks just like shuttle tatting and your friends will be impressed.  Students will learn the double stitch, making a picot, chain and ring.  An excellent beginners book, thread and needle will be provided.

Class size:  Min: 3  Max:10   Materials Fee:  $40  

1-5 pm                                                                  103D  

The double slotted reed is similar to a regular rigid heddle but has an extra set of slots that are designed to carry the pattern warp separate

from the background threads. As you raise or lower the reed for each shed the pattern threads remain separate in the center of the shed 

making them easier to pick up or drop. The background warp weaves a plain weave and the pattern threads float on top of the warp threads, a

variation of pick up only much easier since the pattern threads are separated.

All materials are included in this workshop as well as the double slotted heddle which is yours to keep..

Class size:  Min: 3  Max: 8   Materials Fee:  $65

1-5 pm                                             

A continuation of Felting Figurines. Using ideas you have learned in earlier felting classes, we will construct a body that has a torso with arms and legs (not always two of each), tails, horns, wings etc are also encouraged. We will also create clothing, more hair or wooly bits and fun accessories for our figurines. 
Felting needles and blocks provided along with plenty of felting fibers.

Bring your  imagination, a felted head like we did i the Beginning Figurine Class and nay felting bits you wish to use and expand upon
Class Size: Min 3 Max 10 Materials Fee: $40   

1-4 pm                                                                 Room 103                                                                                                                           

In this class, we will learn how to create designer yarns by manipulating color.  Using wool top we will create a two tone yarn and a three color loop-plied yarn.  Using wool cards we will create rolags for a heathered yarn and a three color rolag yarn.  If time allows, we will create a 4 color, thick and thin cabled yarn.   

Students Should Bring:  Bring a working wheel, 4 bobbins, lazy kate, niddy noddy or ball winder and a set of wool cards. All spinning fibers will be provided.

 Class size Min 2 - 15 max Material fee $45

1-4 pm                                                                   Room 104  

In this class you will learning the byzantine and helm weave. We will explore the different looks you can get using these weaves. You will leave with either a bracelet or  pendent using your favorite look. You will have enough rings to make more jewelry pieces.

Student need to bring:

Scissors, Safety glasses, chain nose and flat nose jewelry pliers will be available for use during class. (if you want to bring your own pliers, please bring either 2 chain nose, bent nose or flat nose jewelry pliers. These do not have any teeth to mar yahoo rings). 

All rings, findings and patterns will be included in the kit to take home.

Class size Min 2 - Max 10 Material fee $30                                                                                                     

1-4 pm      Room 104                                                            
Learn the easy, magical way of weaving using the Continuous Strand Weaving Method on both a triangle and a square using our mini module looms. If you have used this method on a triangle before you may learn the method on a small rectangle loom. Advanced instruction is also available for those who have learned the basic techniques. Learn how to assemble woven pieces to create a variety of projects. A trunk show of sample ideas will inspire you. Easily make glasses case, pouch, sachet cover, scarf, hat, pillow cover using quilt pattern, and much more. Only 6 yards of worsted weight yarn is needed per triangle, 12 yards per square, or 33 yards for a rectangle. Projects may use more than one of one or more shapes. Yarns are available at Carol Leigh's Hillcreek Fiber Studio booth, or bring your own. $5 loom rent for class may go towards purchase of looms..

Class size:  Min 4 Max 15 Material Fee:$25 

(Yarn can be purchased at Hillcreek Fiber Studio)

1-5 pm Room 107

Handmade Artisan Soap 

Enjoy the luxury of your own handcrafted artisan soap.  This workshop covers all steps in making natural handmade soap, including adding herbs, natural colorants, and essential or fragrance oils.  This is not a melt and pour class, it teaches soapmaking from scratch.  The first portion of this workshop covers types of oils and fats that can be used in soap recipes, types of equipment needed, where ingredients can be found, and safety.

The second portion of this workshop explains how to create your own soap recipes to match skin types, the properties of  various oils and fats, and why oils and fats are blended to achieve the perfect all purpose face and body soap.  Milk soap will be made with natural honey as an additive. Students will observe the process of soap making from start to finish and leave with gentle, usable soap and instructions for making their own at home.  As time permits, wool scouring, shaving, and laundry soap recipes will be discussed as well as sales and packaging 

Class size:  Min 4 Max 15 Material Fee:$35 
1-4 pm        Sheep Barn 1

Using the sock machine, you will learn how to set up and time the ribber, start a sock with a 1X1 rib, 
change to a 3X1 rib and finish the sock in stockinette.  The Kitchener stitch will be used to finish.

Bring your own working machine with a 72 slot cylinder or rent one for $10 Bring scissors and a little patience! Yarn will be supplied.
For this class you must have a working knowledge of your sock machine or have taken a previously had a beginner class..
This class will continue on Sunday morning

Class size:  min 5, max 20  Materials Fee:  $65

1-4 pm        Sheep Barn 2

Class Size: Min 2 Max 12 Materials Fee:$35

Dinning Room

6 pm - Dinner           

7 pm - 












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