Saturday Afternoon March 12th

 1-5 pm                                                             4-H Camp 1
Tom Knisely

                  Boundweave or Weft-Faced Twill  Part Two FULL

Part two Boundweave will deal with weaving  weft-faced twills with three and four colors.  Beautiful wavy rows of color are the result of weaving and following simple twill treadlings.  If you reverse your treadling  order the pattern resembles colorful eyes.  Several other methods of patterning Boundweave will be discussed in class so that you can explore them on your own after the retreat is over.  Boundweave is slow to weave so not much more than a sampler will be possible in these classes.  Chose only one class or both sessions.  I think you will love weaving Boundweave.


Class Size: Max 20 M


terials Fee: $50

1-4 pm                                                       
4-H Camp 2 

You now have a sock machine (or would like to have one) let’s learn to make a sock. In this class, Sue and Jamie will teach mock ribbing, heels and the Kitchener stitch, while creating a simple sock.

This class requires a previous class or some experience with CSM’s
Bring your own working machine with a 72 slot cylinder or rent one for $10 Bring scissors and lots of patience! Yarn will be supplied.

Class Size: Min 5 Max 15 M


terials Fee: $ 60 

1-4 pm 
4-H Camp 3

Kandy Bleil
Boho (short for Bohemian) Woven Wrap Bracelets continue to grow in popularity.  Boho, as fashion is used to convey an attitude and style that describes a free-spirited, independent frame of mind.  Leather and beads play prominently in the style.  The look is earthy and layered, some would go so far as to say "artsy," even "quirky."  You will have the opportunity to choose from an assortment of beads to use in the development of your own bracelet.  You will learn how to "warp" your loom, the basic weaving stitch used to attach beads, the "silk wrap" technique, joining thread, how to attach buttons and charms, and lots of tips to help you along the process.  The written resource provided with the class will provide information about alternative methods, and resources to make these bracelets in both local stores and on the internet.  A loom will be provided to each student for class. You can view many finished bracelets on Etsy, which will give you an idea of what is possible. You will be making at least a single-wrap bracelet, but if you want to stay a little longer, you will be able to complete a double- or triple-wrap bracelet. All materials will be provided. 


Class Min 4 - Max 15 Material fee $50


1-5 pm                                                                      4-H Camp Kitchen                                                                                 
(Continuation of the morning class)

Ever wonder how a caned chair seat is made?  Then this is the class for you.  In this class participants will hand cane a 12 3/4 X 9 X 9 stool using natural strand cane.  Other topics that will be discussed include: The difference between the various types of caning, the different types of hand caning, how to care for caned furniture. No prior knowledge of caning or caning skills needed. Students should bring: Small hand clippers or shears, small rag, spray bottle, container for water (in addition to spray bottle), paper for notes and pen or pencil.

Class size: 4 Max: 10  FULL

1-4 pm                                             
In this workshop we will be beading in the round. This is a technique used for making amulet bags, covering round objects like needle cases or handles. 
All supplies are included. Rosie will have extra supplies for purchase. No previous experience needed.

Class size:  Min: 1  Max:6   Materials Fee:  $25  FULL

1-4 pm                                             

The class will cover the preparation of cotton by carding.  Students will make rolags and spin them into a continuous thread.  We will not spin cotton roving in this class.  Wheels will be adjusted for tension and draw-in to accommodate cotton’s short staple length and faster treadling.  The remainder of the class will be spent learning to relax as we use a modified long draw.  Students should bring their own spinning wheel and cotton cards. 

Class Size: Min 3 Max 10 Materials Fee: $20  Wheel Rental: $5

1-4 pm                                                                 Room 103                                                                                                                           

Blending Fiber for Color with Lorry McDonald

In this class students will learn how to use hand cards to blend fiber. Using wool, we will blend a series of rolags gradually changing the color from white to black.We will spin the rolags and end up with a set of 11 skeins. We will also card a set of rolags from one color to another (example: from red to blue) the same way as the white to black series.

Students will end up with 2 sets of 11 skeins/rolags in graduated colors. 

If you do not have a spinning wheel or drop spindle, you can create the rolags for felting or spinning at a later time.

Students Should Bring:Bring a working wheel (drop spindle if you prefer), 3 bobbins, lazy kate, niddy noddy or ball winder, wool cards, paper and pen. All spinning fibers and a handout will be provided.

 Class size Min 2 - 15 max Material fee $45

1-4 pm                                                                   Room 104  


Nalbinding ~ Grandmother Knitting

In this class students will learn two basic stitches, how to start and how to finish a project.Instructor will demonstrate increasing, decreasing and how to pivot (turn a corner).Instructor will also discuss how to read charts and give a very brief Nalbinding History.All supplies and handouts will be provided.Students will take home a mug rug.

Class size Min 2 - Max 10 Material fee $30                                                                                                     
1-4 pm                                                                   Room 104  

Learn the easy, magical way of weaving using the Continuous Strand Weaving Method on both a triangle and a square using our mini module looms. If you have used this method on a triangle before you may learn the method on a small rectangle loom. Advanced instruction is also available for those who have learned the basic techniques. Learn how to assemble woven pieces to create a variety of projects. A trunk show of sample ideas will inspire you. Easily make glasses case, pouch, sachet cover, scarf, hat, pillow cover using quilt pattern, and much more. Only 6 yards of worsted weight yarn is needed per triangle, 12 yards per square, or 33 yards for a rectangle. Projects may use more than one of one or more shapes. Yarns are available at Carol Leigh's Hillcreek Fiber Studio booth, or bring your own. $5 loom rent for class may go towards purchase of looms..

Class size:  min 2, max 15 Class Fee:$25 

(Yarn can be purchased at Hillcreek Fiber Studio)

1-4 pm                                                                 Room 107
Learn the practical and rewarding craft of homemade soap making following simple cold-process methods.  By using equipment found around today’s home students will observe the modern methods of making wholesome “old-fashioned” soap the way great grandma would have made it if she had access to 21st century appliances and supplies.  In this expanded class students will also learn to customize recipes for various skin types using the saponification table, INS formulas, and properties of various oils. Also discussed will be methods to add color and texture as well as ideas for packaging, presentation and display. Students will leave with gentle, fragrant, usable bars of soap and instructions for making their own at home.

Class size:  min 7, max 15 Materials Fee: $35

1-5 pm Room                                                 Sheep Barn 1

This class involves the bonding of fine wool to a woven fabric.  The amount of wool used and the type of woven fabric will determine the texture, weight and suppleness of the finished product.  Flat felting a thin sheet to size creating a square, which will be origami folded and stitched into a handbag.  Felted cording can then be made to use for the strap of the handbag.  You may bring embellishments (pieces of yarn, lace, etc.) to felt into the fiber if you wish. Beginners Welcome.

Students need to bring the following:

Bamboo mat or bubble wrap:  minimum 36” x 36”)

Swim noodle 36-40 inches long

2 pieces of thin (drop cloth type) plastic each 36x36 inches

Felting Soap of your preference

2-3 Bath towels (old)

Embellishments (yarn, etc to felt into the piece for decoration)

Scissors, needle, thread

The following items will be provided:

Silk Fabric

Merino Fiber

Magnetic Closure

Class size:  Min: 5  Max:8  Materials Fee:  $55

1-5 pm Room                                                 Sheep Barn 2
 Rigid Heddle Weaving/ Beyond Plain Weave

Hi Fiber Friends!  Dust off that rigid heddle loom you have lurking in your closet and learn a few new weaving tricks in this class.  This simple loom can do so much more than plain weave.  In this 6 hour class we will explore as many textures, laces, and pick-up stick techniques as we can squeeze in.  


   Students should bring a rigid heddle loom warped to a width of 12" with 3/2 perle cotton in either natural or white, using a 10 or 12 dent heddle.  A 3 yard warp length will be more than enough for our explorations.

   Stick shuttles and pick-up sticks if you have them.

   Scissors and note-taking materials.

I will provide weft yarns ( although you are welcome to bring any yarns you would like to try), handouts, and any extra tools and materials we may need.  Feel free to email me if you have questions.

Class Size: Min 3 Max 10 Materials Fee: $50

Dinning Room

6 pm - Dinner           

7 pm -