Best fiberglass hoods 2012

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Z Line 36" Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood *Classic Series*
1. 4 count them, 4--button levels of air suction! Stainless Steel is not cheap but high grade & heavy thickness. My hood arrived in pristine condition & best packing I have EVER seen, so was well-pleased.
My 30" version of this unit has 3 removable Stainless Baffle sections which was FREE upgrade from aluminum screening, and the buttons are on the vertical front ledge of unit with a DIGITAL readout screen of the level of chosen suction and even has time-delay on shut-off = BONUS!
-Has a 3-prong plug to plug in and check if working the moment it arrived.
-The exit of the 6" round flu from motor has a butterfly damper that opens when fan engaged so will be great to prevent back flow from exterior.
-The two piece chimney surrounds are also heavy duty Stainless Steel and uppermost section has two sides consisting of a series of venting to dispel heat at top sides.
-The entire hood and two sections are protected by a clear or blue skin of plastic that is easily removed after installation.
-There is an included small approximately 2"X3" clear plastic topless box that has slots that slide into brackets under motor housing that is supposed to catch any accumulating grease from motor area low point that is accessed via the removable baffle. This then can be emptied and wiped clean with ease.
-Installation is easily done & straightforward...find the centerpoint of stovetop/range and have center of hood match this point and mark two hanger holes at level into studs with provided heavy gauge screws (rip open wall & install stud if not there--molly screws are NOT going to work here--after all won't be seen anyway as hood covers it).
-Two halogen lights are in rear of unit and are only 20 Watt each so total 40Watt so woefully dim for cooking surface...I have upper cabinets on both sides so I am installing under cabinet lights on both sides to compensate.
I have not permanently installed totally on wall yet as am doing some extension of wiring in wall behind hood in wall but will update when totally complete with photos. I am using the two baffles on interior two exits of blower motor but I am doing a hollow faux wood beam to cover the metal 6" flu system across the room to vent through out through bump-out dinette roof.
This hood totally blows away the competition at Lowe's or HomeDepot stores...and the price is at least $100-400 BELOW comps with these features anywhere online.
Recommend this product.
2. This unit is very clean and nice looking. However the instructions were pretty much usless. The first page simply said, "find middle point and measure out from there." Not telling how much to measure or how high unit is.
Works and looks great though.
3. This product is comparable to ones sold at Lowes and Home Depot by manufacturer Broan. One like this retailed for around $449 and is special order a most stores and takes about 14 days to arrive. I ordered the Z Line on Friday and it was was at my door the following Thursday and saved $150 dollars on the product and free shipping.
The product is super well made and very easy to install. The two hole mount and pigtail make this easier than an under cabinet model to install. I was not a fan of the instruction book but I would take bad instructions over a good product any day.
I would recommend this to everyone who want a high end look to your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.
4. I paid $299 for this range hood! Why would anyone pay more? I just received the unit today and unpacked it as soon as it came in the door. I am going to do a kitchen remodel in 4 months and I'm getting all my supplies lined up way ahead in case something is wrong or doesn't work right. I set this hood on my kitchen table and plugged it in to test the noise level(because they don't tell you on the page what the dba/sones are for the product in use). This is a VERY QUIET MACHINE and the cubic feet per minute(cfm) is excellent. With 4 speed levels and adjustable lights, they tilt back and forth, this exhaust hood rivals all that I've looked at. I've been all over the web and to about 7 stores checking out range hoods and this one is as good as it gets, AND THE PRICE MAKES IT THE BEST DEAL! If your looking to redo your kitchen or replace an existing hood, this model rocks.