Soil Reinforcement Geogrid
GeotecTM warp knitted polyester geogrid is made of high strength polyester industrial yarns.
then covered with PVC coating.
(1)Roadbed reinforcement of road and railway,crack prevention,increase of roadbed strength;    
(2)Reinforcement and stabilization of riverside,embankment and side slope;    
(3)Dyke reinforcement on soft ground for stress evenness,sedimentation adjustment,
increase of stability and loading capacity of fundus;   
(4)Reinforcement of the surface of road and bridge.        
(1)High intension,high tenacity,high occlusive force with soil or gravel,erosion-resistant,
water drainage,light weigth.    
(2)Reinforce soft soil roadbed,rib side slope of embankment,enhance isolation,
inhibit ground deformation,prevent crack by reflection,increase strength of roadbed. 

[Technical Specification]

TGS-D-2020, TGS-D-3030, TGS-D-4040, TGS-D-5050, TGS-D-5030, TGS-D-8080, TGS-D-110110, TGS-D-125125

Tensile strength (warp /weft)kn/m, 20/20, 30/30, 40/40, 50/50, 50/30, 80/80, 110/110, 125/125

Mesh size : 25.4mm X 25.4mm (according to customer's requests)

Elongation: 13%

Width :1-5.3

Inner packing:50 or 100m/roll, 1 roll/PP woven bag or according to customer's requests