Roving for filament winding-


   1. Applying for filament winding and pultrusion;
   2. Compatible with epoxy resin, ethylene resin , and unsaturated polyester resin.

   1. Silane sizing
   2. Average filament tensile force and good integrity;
   3. Have excellent filament endurable for abrading and low fuzz;
   4. Steady filament density and great filament tensile force;
   5. Easy wet out and high impregnating;
   6. Endued good physical and chemical properties for final composite products.
Detailed Product Description :


Product code
Filament diameter(um)
Compatible resin
Applying process

Filament winding,pultrusion,weaving


   Specific product properties indicated in quality analysis report.

   Each FIBTEX direct roving roll covering by shrinkage membrane or drawing membrane, then placed into cardboard box or set on pallet. Each pallet can stack 48 or 64 rolls .each roll weight is 15-18kg.Pallet stack shall no be higher than 2 layers, cardboard box shall not be higher than 5 layers.
   Please remark followings in purchasing order:
   1.Product code
   2.Roving TEX
   4.Packaging requirement
   Special needs can meet according to customer requirements.

   Product shall be placed under dryness condition and shall no be open the covering membrane until applying.

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