Gypsum Roving-


FIBTEX Gypsum roving is especially used in fiberglass reinforced gypsum products, such as plate,decorative material, sculpture, etc. These reinforced products have many advanced properties;higher strength, fire resistance,sound insulation and lighter in weight.Now, it is widely used in building construction and decoration areas.  


1.Good stiffness;
2.Good choppability;
3.Easy dispersion;

Detailed Product Description :




Type Yarn Diameter
Yarn Count
Size Content
Water Content
CR-2400G C 13 2400+/-120 1.6+/-0.2 < 0.15 > 120
ER-2400G E 13 2400+/-120 1.6+/-0.2 < 0.15 > 130


   Each FIBTEX gypsum roving roll covering by shrinkage membrane or drawing membrane, then placed into cardboard box or set on pallet. Each pallet can stack 48 or 64 rolls .each roll weight is 16-17kg.Pallet stack shall no be higher than 2 layers, cardboard box shall not be higher than 5 layers.
   Please remark followings in purchasing order:
   1.Product code
   2.Roving TEX
   4.Packaging requirement
   Special needs can meet according to customer requirements.

   Product shall be placed under dryness condition and shall no be open the covering membrane until applying. 

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