Glass Filament Reinforced Geocomposite
GeotecTM Glass Filament Reinforced Geocomposite are composed of fiberglass filaments and polypropylene non-wovens. These products possess the properties of high tensile strength in the warp and weft directions, low elongation, excellent temperature range, and good anti-aging and alkali-resistance.


GGM-G is used for high load-uptake at low strain (<3%).

Stress relief:
GGM & GGM-G retard the progress of differential stresses between substrate and new overlay. Crack propagation and reflective cracking is therefore reduced.

Adhesive bonding:
GGM & GGM-G provide uniform bonding between old surface and new asphalt layers.

Ease of installation:
When a laying device is used, GGM & GGM-G can be installed easily and quickly without any fixing material, even in bends or over unevennesss.

Asphalt layers reinforced with GGM & GGM-G can be milled easily with conventional methods


Mesh size:30x30mm

Tensile strength:50knx50kn,100knx100kn,


Roll length:100m

Breaking elongation:≤3%