Geotec offers both single and double-sided geocomposite with drainage net thicknesses of 5 and 6.25 mm (200 and 250 mils) and fabric weights ranging from 4 to 12 ounces per square yard. Rolls are 13.5 feet wide at the drainage net, with 6 inches of fabric overlap on each side. Rolls vary in length depending on the thickness of the materials.

Geotech geocomposites consist of drainage net with nonwoven geotextile fabric heat bonded to one or both sides. The geotextile provides gas venting, drainage, and filtration by retaining silt and soil particles while allowing gas and liquids to flow through. The geotextile also provides bonding of the geocomposite to textured liners, to enhance the interface friction angle on steep slopes. The drainage net provides planar flow of fluids or gases along the plane of the net.


Cost Effective - composites can replace conventional drainage aggregate, increasing space within the landfill, allowing for additional revenue generation.

Versatility - composites can be installed on steep slopes or against vertical walls where conventional drainage aggregates cannot be used.

High Coefficient of Friction - geocomposites provide significantly higher interface friction angles when used in conjunction with Geotec textured geomembranes.

Chemical Resistance - Since the drainage net is made from the same resin used in the HDPE geomembranes, it exhibits the same resistance to chemical and biological attacks.

Reduced Traffic - Geotec geocomposites require a fraction of truckloads of aggregate necessary to cover the same area.

Ease of Installation - The drainage net layers are overlapped and tied while the geotextile layers are either sewn, tacked or overlapped as dictated by project specifications.



Landfill leachate collection

Landfill leak detection

Landfill caps / closures

Landfill methane gas collection

Pond leak detection

Foundation wall drainage

Athletic field and landscape drainage

Erosion control