Fiberglass Filament Yarn-G75-



   Applying for basic fabrics used in the printed circuit board industry(rigid and multilayer).Also used as base material for orthopedic casting tape,measuring tape and other insulation and reinforcement fabrics for industrial use.

   1.Starch sizing;
   2.Steady and averaged filament density;
   3.Excellent protectability for sizing. Low fuzz;
   4.Good filament tensile force.


Product code TEX Yield Filament diameter(um) LOI% Moisture content %
G75 1/0 0.7Z Y1 4K/8K 68 75 9 0.80-1.20 <=0.20
G75 1/0 0.7Z Y2 4K/8K 68 75 9 0.80-1.20 <=0.20

   Specific product properties indicated in quality analysis report

   FIBTEX E-glass fiber yarn ,each roll covering by ,then placed into cardboard box, and set on pallet. Each pallet set three layers. Each layer 49 fiber yarn spindles, individual weight 4kg.
   Please remark followings in purchasing order:
   1.Product code,TEX, individual weight,twisted degree & twisted direction
   2. Quantity
   Special needs can meet according to customer requirements

   Product shall be placed under dryness condition and shall no be open the covering membrane until applying.

Yarn Nomenclature
The TEX/Metric Yarn Numbering System
(Example: EC9 68 1x2 Z 120)

U.S. Glass System
(Example: ECG 75 1/2 3.0 S)


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