Fiberglass Geogrid with PP Non-Woven Fabric


   (1)Road surface reinforcement of road,railway and airport road;
   (2)Maintenance,reconstruction and widening of old road surface(asphaltum road or cement concrete road).
   (3)Reinforcement of soft soil roadbed,irrigation channels and water dams.

   (1)High tensile strength in both the warp and weft directions;
   (2)Low elongation;
   (3)Excellent temperature range;
   (4)Good anti-age and alkali-resistance;
   (5)Reduce construction cost, extend service life of road and prevent deflection cracks.


   Tensile strength:50KNX50KN+25G PP,80X80KN+25G PP,100X100KN+25G PP



   Roll length:50m or 100m