E-glass Unidirectional Fabric-http://www.fiberglass.name


Used for length direction reinforcement or ring turns reinforcement, such as the vane of the wind power, bridge, pier and pillar's reinforcement; also used for winding, such as FRP pipe, FRP tank, FRP chimney, rod material, pole material, water tower, vessel and others pultrusion techniques reinforcement width direction.

1) Ease of handling and cutting
2) High intensity and quick wet out
3) Stable
4) Stiffness

Detailed Product Description :

Width: 0.1m-2.8m
Unit weight: 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 450gsm, 500gsm, 550gsm, 600gsm, 800gsm, 1,000gsm, 1,200gsm
Package:Carton,then on pallet,one 20FCL can load about 18,000kgs.