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   1.E-glass chopped strands binded by powder adhesive. Applying for hand lay-up and continuous moulding etc.
   2. Applying for reinforced UP and VE resin.
   1. Even thickness .moderated rigidness;
   2. Easy wet out and impregnating;
   3. Filament have outstanding anti-washability and easy wet out and impregnating;
   4. Excellent processability in moulded parts, applying for diversity moulding and processing.Specially in opened moulding and closed moulding;
   5. Excellent mechanical strength during production of finished product.


Product code

Roll width  mm
 Individual weight    
Compatible resin
             Applying  process
Moisture content

Hand lay-up & continuum moulding



   Specific product properties indicated in quality analysis report

   KTYU E-glass emulsion mat ,each roll covering by polyethylene plastic bag ,then placed into cardboard box .and set on pallet .each pallet vertical stack 12 cardboard boxes. Or horizontal stack 9 /6 cardboard boxes. Each cardboard box is weight 35-50kg. The pallet shall no be higher than 2 layers and the cardboard box shall no be higher than 5 layers.
   Please remark followings in purchasing order:
   1.product code,roving TEX, individual weight and roll width.
   Special needs can meet according to customer requirements.

   Product shall be placed under dryness condition and shall no be open the covering membrane until applying.

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