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   E-glass chopped strands applying for reinforced thermoplastic resin PP.

   1.Good integrity ,no static electricity and low fuzz;
   2.Excellent performance in heat-resistant and good coloration level and surface appearance;
   3.Have outstanding interface performance with resin;
   4.Good filament flexible in resin, excellent strands distribution;
   5.Endued good physical and chemical properties for final composite products.



 Product code  Chopped length(mm) Filament   diameter  (um)  Compatible resin    Applying process  LOI%  Moisture content %
T438 3.0,4.5 13,14 PP Extruding  0.50-0.80  <=0.10
T538 3.0,4.5 13,14 PP Extruding 0.42-0.72 <=0.10

   Specific product properties indicated in quality analysis report.

  FIBTEX E-glass chopped strands,the product covering by fabric bag or world wide bulked bag after strands chopped,then set on pallet.Each pallet can stack 40 bags or 44 bags.Each bag weighs 20.0 or 22.7kg.The world wide bulked bag directly stack on pallet, the weight is 800-1000kg.pallet shall not be higher than two layers.
   Please remark followings in purchasing order:
   1.Product code
   2.Roving TEX
   Special needs can meet according to customer requirements.

   Product shall be placed under dryness condition and shall no be open the covering membrane until applying.

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