Corner Mesh-



Desc ription
Corner mesh = 9 oz. Per yard. Reinforcing mesh used to provide stronger impact resistance for EIFS systems at outside corners.
Light beige / yellow.
9 1/2-inch by 150-foot long roll.
To provide maximum impact resistance at building corners and will also assist in achieving a straight corner. It is imbedded into wet base coat adhesive, then covered with a layer of standard mesh.


150 Lineal feet per roll.
Storage Keep mesh from prolonged exposure to weather. Do not allow petroleum products to come into contact with the mesh.
Weight Approximately 8 pounds per roll.

Apply a layer of base coat adhesive to the insulation board at the corner. Then imbed the mesh into the wet base coat with a trowel, working from the center to the up and down. The mesh should be fully imbedded into the base coat such that any ends of the corner mesh are butted tight to each other (not overlapping). Then a layer of standard mesh should be installed over the corner mesh, overlapping all seams. The base coat layer should be thick enough such that no mesh pattern or color is visible.