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Buying a "Multi"...What to look out for!
For more information on the Multipla, with data sheets from 2000-2010, visit this section of the Motorparks website
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I've got a 2000JTD, and last year I posted the following to look out for, based on my car.

What to look for:

1. Has the front spring recall been done?

2. If rear discs, has the recall been done for damaged rear brake pipe?

3. Does the sunroof leak?

4. Check that all the seats fold/adjust (cable can break - awkward to replace).

5. Check front tyres carefully for wear, especially inside edges.

6. If possible, check front discs for wear/rust. Brakes are not a Multi's strong point, but if really bad suspect the discs.

7. Have the handbrake cables been replaced? (rubber gaiters just under drivers door split, let in water and freeze in winter).

8. Has the aircon been serviced/recharged?

9. Do both mirrors fold properly?

10. Any warning messages on the dash?

11. Accelerate through the gears. It should accelerate without hesitation or black smoke up to 70mph quite quickly, and will easily cruise at
80-90mph (I'm told!) 12. Make sure spare wheel mech can be lowered and raised.

13. Drive slowly on a level surface - any rattles or clunks from front suspension? Ask if drop links and/or antiroll bar and/or suspension arms replaced.

14. Make sure clutch/all gears engage smoothly. If working correctly the Multi has the best gearchange. If not, its expensive!

15. Belts: ask if cambelt/tensioner and alternator belt/tensioner have been changed. The tensioners break, and the alternator belt can (if unlucky) take out the cambelt, resulting in a very big bill due to bent valves etc. Official cambelt change interval is 75,000 miles or five years, whichever is soonest, except if used for a lot of town work or extreme conditions, then the interval is every four years. General recommendation is don't exceed 5 years/50,000 miles.

16. Ask to check the seat height adjustment (buttons are on the front left
edge of the seat), and if there are any clicking noises or the seat doesn't move, then the motor assembly is broken. A new one is over £100+fitting, and most of the ones in scrap-yards are broken! If you don't need seat height adjustment then great, but if two drivers differ widely in height it could be an issue!

Oh dear, starting to be a long list! It is a great car, you'll enjoy every minute of it, but take your time choosing. You don't want one that has been ne
glected. I bought mine when it was 2 years old, I've had it for 6 years, and its brilliant.

 All the above points have been covered on the forum, so have a quick search if you want to know more. If you can't find it, please ask.


Our thanks to http://clcalvet.club.fr/sbarro/voitures/multipla/multiplagb.html for the use of the really nice Sbarro Multipla's...