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Freedom Hunt Southern Swing for Kids

Freedom Hunt Southern Swing is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization providing special needs children the opportunity to hunt Wild Turkey in Southern Indiana. With a host of volunteers, we assist each candidate in Hunter's Education and provide a fun outdoor hunting and camping experience. On opening day, each young hunter - along with his or her own experienced hunting guide - gets a spot in the field. Freedom Hunt Southern Swing is an organization branched off of the original Freedom Hunt a Whitetail Deer hunt in Northern Indiana. Please visit their site if you are also interested in that Fall activity.

Providing Special Needs Kids

the Opportunity to Hunt

Our mission is to provide special needs children the opportunity to experience the wilderness through the eyes of experienced outdoorsmen and women. Our goal is to provide each young hunter with life long memories, inspiration, education and the tools to adopt a lifestyle that includes hunting, a love for nature and being outdoors.