Classroom Rules and Procedures

Mrs. Williams’ Rules for Behavior


My expectations for student behavior in our science classroom are listed below. We will have lots of fun this year.  However, you must have appropriate classroom behavior for safety reasons as well as to maximize the wonderful things that you and I will learn together. Please read the following rules and take them home for your parent to read with you. When you have both read and understand the rules and consequences please sign at the bottom of the page.


  1. Be respectful

à      Of all people

«      yourself

«      teachers

«      classmates

«      administration

«      support personnel

à      Of all equipment 

«      room

«      furniture

«      lab materials

«      computers

  1. Be responsible

à      Attend class everyday

à      Be on time

à      Be prepared

à      Be on-task

à      Decide to succeed

  1. Be resourceful

à      Read

à      Think for yourself

à      Prioritize - Plan your work and work your plan

à      Report any problems that occur to the appropriate adult


1.  Choose to work well with anyone assigned to your group

2.  Cooperate with your team members.

3.  Contribute ideas to your group.

4.  Stay on task and in your assigned area.

5.  Ask questions of the teacher only after your group has discussed the problem, question, or direction that you are trying to complete.


Group assignments will be graded based on cooperation within the group, group effort, and individual scores. Points will be deducted from the group when the group does not stay on task. By following these rules you will learn science concepts, increase your ability to retain knowledge, make new friends, become a team player, improve your ability to express yourself to peers, improve your problem solving skills, and have fun learning science.


à      Praise

à      Happy notes and e-mails to parents (random)

à      Gotcha (random)

à      The joy of being mature and successful



FIRST OFFENSE:  warning by the teacher

SECOND OFFENSE:  additional assignment and/or a new assigned seat

THIRD OFFENSE:  parental contact

FOURTH OFFENSE:  office referral



I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the classroom rules, procedures and expectations.


_____________________________________          ___________________________

Student Signature                                                       Date  

To the parent:


Your help and support of the teacher and your student is essential to success in the science classroom and other classes. Please read and discuss the rules and requirements with your student. Please encourage your student to use the resources in their notebook to prepare for classroom tests as well as the ACT and/or the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. Indicate by your signature that you support and understand the information in this handout. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me through the office by dialing 768-2200 or by e-mail at Students, please assure your parents that your mature behavior will make your science class one of the most educational, exciting, and fun experiences you will have in school!  


Thank you,




Marilyn Williams        




I, ____________________________, have discussed the expectations and requirements

         (parent / guardian)


with my son or daughter _______________________, and support your policies.





Comments: ____________________________________________________________________






_______________________________                   ___________________________________

     (student signature)                                                             (parent/guardian signature)







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