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HEY!!  Turn in your uniform to Graham or Crudo.   Crudo is going to make a beautiful blue and white quilt for his grandmother out of them.  I need to start work in the next 3 days.  TURN THEM IN!!

All-league teams are named.  

The competition was fierce for All-League selections this year.  So many teams had great seasons in this shortened year.   Everyone wanted their players to be recognized for making their teams competitive.   There were only 13 spots available.  The Fife team also had a good year and a few of our players received rewards.   Chester March was named all league defensive MVP.  Sam Shuck was named to 1st team all league.  Lance Nelson was named All-League Honorable mention.

10th and final game: Fife defeat White River in Pk's to win League Championship.
The guys pose with their trophy after a tough victory against White River and the weirdest season imaginable.

I am at a loss for words (but still I type!!)  Fife was a team filled with talent all year.  This was a senior heavy team but with depth all the way down into the JV ranks.  And they all had tremendous heart and a desire to play well and fight to the last minute.  But as a team we struggled with disciplined play, structure and patience.    Maybe the season needed to be longer so that we could grow into our roles.  Maybe the season was too long and we were wearing down.  Either way, the players in this game stepped up and were committed to each other, their jobs and working for the team to be successful.    As you would guess from a final that goes into PKs, this was a close game.  Prior to WR scoring a terrific individual effort goal at about the 15 minute mark, this was an even game.   The goal did not change anything.  It continued to be an even game when Fife tied the score on a great shot from Freshman Mykah with a shot from the right side.  Fife scored at the 30 minute mark.  After that, the teams fought for everything.  The passing was acceptable for both teams given the situation.  The defending from both teams was relentless and required.  The finishing was pretty much nonexistent.  By the time we got to the two 5 minute overtimes, neither team was willing to risk a mistake in their own end so that 10 minutes was just a waiting room to get to PKs.   The ball did touch the ground a few times but only because there is gravity at WR stadium.  This may have been a dead even game but neither team was interested in sawing the trophy in half and taking home a piece to stick in the school trophy case.  PKs were going to be how we would see who gets the hardware.  Injured Senior James Martin stepped forward to organize the kickers into order and he gave them instructions.  There is nothing stronger then quality senior leadership and it is a sure sign that a team is firing on all cylinders.  WR went first and their player hammered the ball into the top bar and off into the atmosphere.  Lance was Fife's 1st kick and he buried it into a corner -  1-0 Fife.  WR's 2nd kicker found his corner and Josh (a 9th grader?) also matched this shot to move the score to 2-1 for Fife.  WR sent their 3rd shooter up to the spot and Zach made the save of the season with a fantastic dive and block to his left to deny this ultra important opportunity.   Iron man Cole stepped up for Fife and did his thing and gave Fife a 3-1 lead with opportunities running out for WR.  One more miss by WR or one more goal by Fife would end it in Fife's favor.   WR' 4th kicker knocked home a solid kick and all eyes turned to Joel to end this season for Fife.  Joel stepped up and did what great players do when a team needs something to be done.  He scored.  4-2 Fife wins and no need for a 5th kicker.  We cheered.  We bumped elbows with the other team,  We took pictures.  We went home.  Winning often makes things better.  It wasn't the season that everyone wanted, but the guys made the most of what they got.  Fife has some good players waiting for next year.   Not every year ends with a league championship but this one did.  So let's be happy.

Sam Shuck was coaches choice for player of the year.  James Martin was a very close second - they both had great seasons.   Obviously, Cole was the key to any chance of FHS success and he lived up to his billing.   He is a team captain and the heart of this team.  Why is Cole not Player of the year?  Well, Sam played a perfect season.  And I mean perfect.  Never got beat, saved everybody dozens of time, kept us in games that could have ended this season several times over.   He just did his job the best that it could be done.  How good does someone have to play to be player of the year?  Perfect should be good enough - even for me.

That's it.  Everyone turn in your uniforms to Graham or Crudo in the next few days.  Don't make me call the uniform police.  

9th game is 1-0 loss to Clover Park...on senior night.

The guys came out on senior night with something to prove.  And what they proved is that players need to pass the ball to their teammates and play their position if they expect to win games.  It turns out that it takes a "team" to win games and not individuals playing in their bubble.   Although FHS had a bunch of close chances that really should have been goals and for 89 minute and 30 seconds kept Clover Park miles from the goal, all it took was a Long free kick and a decent follow up for CP to snatch a victory.   CP worked hard and were a cohesive unit for every minute of the game and were rewarded.  Although I would not want to spend that much time battling in our own end, they got what they traveled to FHS for...a hard earned 3 points.  What did Fife get out of it? Hopefully, a difficult lesson.   Not sure what happens in our final play-off game because it will all depends on the outcomes of other games.  FHS will end up 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th.   Based on other results and our last game of the season.  

Make up of the 1st game against Foss is a 1-0 forfeit.

No chance to make-up this game because Foss did not have enough players to put a team on the field.  But I bet we would have played great.

8th Game against FP is a 2-0 win.

This game was really like a Play-off game for both teams.  Although not a direct path to playing in the league final next week, a loss limited a teams position at the end of the year.  Every one in sports would take a win over a loss any day.  However, is an ugly win as satisfying as a beautiful loss?  Lets just toss that thought into the dustbin and take the win.  FP played a super quick and intricate passing game in the mid-field that was at least 2 steps faster than Fife.  Reaching the half field line for most of the first half was like traveling to the moon.  FP was quick, sharp and at full speed from the first minute.  It took some incredible GK work from Keanen and 100% gut check defending from Mykah, Sam, James and Luis to give Fife a chance to catch their breath and figure out how to counter the onslaught.  The Fife midfield could not figure out how to get hold of the ball, do their patented 4 or 5 touches, look around for an open player and th....too late, FP just took the ball and are running at our defense.   The last 3 games have been tough for Fife and the ball never seemed to go their way.  But Karma is a funny thing and the Trojans were able to get to a few balls and send them up front to a hard working Joel.  One of these forays led to a Joel 1 v 1 in the box and the defender just took him down.  Cole stepped up to the ball for the PK and found the net to give the home side a 1-0 lead that was completely against the grain.  This moment took a lot of the air out of FP and gave Fife the breath they needed to make it to half-time.  How did Fife survive the second half?  By moving faster.  Not exactly playing faster, but more like defending faster and making it harder for FP to completely control the balls movement.  The first half was just a lot of fouls from Fife because they were always late and swinging at air.  The second half was more of an effort to turn every ball into a 50/50 situation.  This is a hard way to play but it is sometimes the only option.  And it worked.  FP never really had the types of chances they had in the first half because they spent most of their time fighting for  possession (usually winning it but not with time to make a good passing decision).   Time flies in a game where every loose ball is a battle.  With less than 2 minutes left, Fife was sending balls long and hoping to pin FP into a corner to run out time.  But Joel had a different idea and picked up a long clearance from Mason(?) and dribbled at speed across the field.   But once he hit the 25 yard mark he cracked a left footed shot into the far corner of the goal and suddenly the game was finished.  A 2-0 lead with less than a minute left is a good bet and you should take it.  Anyway, this was an important game for Fife but not the end of their battles.  Next up is senior night against Clover Park next Tuesday.  Other then flowers and photos of families, you won't get a prediction from me.  It's been one of those years.    The boys control their own destiny again.  Lets see what happens next.

7th Game against White River is a 2-1 loss.

A team can only live on the edge for so long before you take the fall.   And Fife took the fall last night.  The guys actually played a pretty good game and had more than enough opportunities to win this game.  But with players missing and a tough opponent who is confident that they can be successful on the other side of the ball, well, teams make their own luck.  White River played a very direct game and somehow, 2 long shots found the back of the net.  Fife watched Cole hammer home a nice PK to bring Fife within a goal and then spent the final 8 minutes pinning WR against their goal box.  But in the end the 2-1 lead held and White River walked away with their hard fought win.  This leaves Fife with one more chance to reach the final for the shortened season.  Next up is FP and the there is not much rope left for the guys if they want to add another league title.  Game will be at 7:00 next Tuesday.

6th Game against Orting is a 3-3 tie.

Yikes that was a close one!  I have seen some strange things in all my years of coaching but I don't think I have seen 3 goals on 3 free kicks from outside 25 yards.  That's what happened to Fife in this game and in truth, Orting hit a 4th off the post and then had a goal called back on an off-side (everyone calm down, the player was clearly off-sides) that would have turned this game into a rout.  By the way, did I mention that Fife played the finally 15 minutes with 10 players due to a red card AND scored the 3rd and tying goal in the final 8 minutes.    And they played their best soccer during this time.  Orting did what they were going to do and Fife also did some stuff that Orting was also doing.  The goals were well taken by Fife when the scoring was opened with a thru ball by Mason to Richard,  The GK was way out and just could not get there in time.  Joel scored both the 2nd and 3rd from close in after passes from Julius and a bounce around (There may have been more assists and I will look it up and add it to the stats when I find them.)  They were good finishes.  I guess that Fife had a few other chances here and there but just lost the ball in the mid field too often to really create valid attacks for most of the game.   I would say the ball needed to move more for Fife and things could have been different but that is not always what happens.  Maybe next game.  The good news is the guys have bent but not broken and still control their own destiny in the coming week.   That is the best that any team can hope for at this point in the season.  Up next is White River on Tuesday 4/27.  There should be a JV game at 5:00 and the varsity at 7:00.

Javonte in action.  The ball will be won.

5th game against Enumclaw is a 2-2 tie.
Enumclaw came out big, fast and tough against the guys last night.  In all honesty, Fife did more than enough to win the game but at the same time made more than enough mistakes to have lost it.   Fife had lots of possession, movement and shots and Enumclaw was reactive to it all.     Fife got on the board at about the 15 minute mark when Rogne knocked a thru ball and after a bit of a collision between Julius, the GK and a defender, Julius found the loose ball and knocked a nice 22 yard strike into the empty net.  FHS was feeling good...for about 2 minutes.  Enumclaw converted a long throw into the box and volleyed a dropping ball into the goal to tie.  FHS fought hard and later in the half picked up a 2nd goal when Mason served a long free kick into the box and Joel rose up to head the ball past the keeper.  Yea!!   FHS is ahead again and looking good...for about 2 minutes.  Enumclaw struck a long shot from outside 35 yards that somehow found the goal and we were again tied.    The end of the 1st and the entire 2nd half saw Fife try everything to break the tie.  There were several very, very good chances for Fife and one or two scary moments for/by Enumclaw.   The toughest moment was still to come though.  With less than 60 seconds left, Fife earned a PK to grab the victory before the final whistle but the shot unfortunately was off the post and the ref.  ended the well fought game.  A game of shoulda, coulda and woulda ended in a tie.  Enumclaw probably walked away more pleased with the result than Fife due to the final moments of the game, but really, this is the way sport works.  Next up is a tough Orting team away.  Get ready because the rest of the season is going to be a bumpy ride.

This is the exact moment when Mason struck his 22 yard "Hammerstrike" against Eatonville for the first goal of the game.

4th game against Eatonville is an 8-0 victory.
The guys played well but Eatonville was a bit out-manned in this one.   Since there was no JV game, a lot of the JV players got a chance to step up and show their skills.  The 1st goal was a cracker by Mason from a pass by James.   2nd was a nice sharp finish by Alex from a serve by Javante.  Lance picked up the next 2 goals with some nice combination work around the top of the box with Mason and Simon.  Richard got on the board this season with help from Julius.  Julius got another goal for the 6th of the game.  At this point the coaches started to mess with numbers and line-ups.  Blake picked up another goal with an assist from Will and then Elisha finished the scoring with a ball from Blake.  Zach got himself another shut-out.    There are 5 games left and the season will fly past now.    Next game is against Enumclaw at home on 4/19 -Tuesday.  Not sure if there will be a JV game.  Other schools are struggling to get JV teams together.

3rd Game against Steilacoom is a 3-0 victory.
Interesting game tonight.  Steilacoom is a senior heavy team with a lot of speed and good organization.   The score was a good representation of the game though.  Fife was able to control much of the ball and forced Steilacoom to react to their play.   The first goal was at about 15 minutes and was a wonderful  combination play between Cole and Julius on the right.  Julius got to the right touch line and served the ball back across the goal and Mason hammered home the well played ball.  The next 50 minutes was a battle to break down the Steilacoom defense.    Hard Steilacoom work kept Fife off the board while under a lot of duress.   With 22 minutes left in the game, Cole fought off a defender in the corner and served a nice pass in front of the goal and Blake side footed it past the diving keeper to put fife up 2-0.  The final goal was with minutes to play and Cole sent a long diagional that found Mason and Julius on the back post.  Mason perfectly set up Julius for a rocket volley from about 7 yards out.  That ended it.  Zach got the shut out and played a solid game in goal.  This game shows that the competition is going to get tougher as the season moves along.  The guys will be ready to give their best.

2nd Game against Washington is a 7-0 victory.
We did play great in this one.  Mason got 2 goals, Julius got 1 goal and 3 assists, Rogne got a goal and 2 assist, Blake got a goal and an assist, and Cole and Javante both got a goal each.  The shut out went to Zach.  Everyone played great considering there was a rainstorm and we only had 6 days to practice.  Say "Hey" to Sam because he is back.

1st Game against Foss gets canceled.  
We will try to make this game up later in the year.  But I bet we would have played great.

Okie-dokie - things are coming together:  Here is our schedule for the first week of practices and our games:

4/12 - Mon.   3:00       FHS Stadium
4/13 - Tues.  Steilacoom game - 5:00 JV, 7:00 Varsity
4/14 - Wed.   3:00        FHS Stadium
4/15 - Thurs. ?????        Stadium
4/16 - Fri.      Eatonville Game - 7:00 Varsity, ??? JV
4/17 - Sat.   We will discuss
4/18 - Sun.  No Practice
4/19 - Mon.  ?????          Stadium
4/20 - Tues.  Enumclaw Game - HOME
4/21 - Wed.  ?????          Stadium
4/22 - Thur.  ?????          Stadium
4/23 - Fri.     Orting Game -         AWAY
4/24 - Sat.    We will discuss
4/25 - Sun.   No Practice
4/26 - Mon.   ?????          Stadium
4/27 - Tues.   White River Game - HOME
4/28 - Wed.   ?????          Stadium
4/29 - Thur.   Franklin Pierce -      HOME
4/30 - Fri.      ?????          Stadium
5/1   - Sat.     We will discuss
5/2   - Sun.    No Practice
5/3   - Mon.   ?????           Stadium
5/4   - Tues.   Clover Park (Senior Night) Game - HOME
5/5   - Wed.   ?????           Stadium
5/6   - Thur.   ?????  Play-off Game  ?????
5/7   - Fri.       ????? Play-off Game  ?????
5/8   - Sat.      ????? Play-off Game  ?????
DONE - DONe - DOne - Done - done - DONE

I will add in practice times and JV start times as I learn about them.  I will also up-date the getem Trojans website (once anyone figures out how to do it).

 I put most of the things that anyone wants to know on this page.  I have figured out how to get on this site again so I will put as much info as I can on this site.

You can contact the coach at:  acrudo@fifeschools.com or stop by room #204 after school.


Big News for 2019!!

posted Jan 23, 2017, 2:07 PM by Tony Crudo   [ updated Feb 14, 2019, 6:22 AM ]

I love this picture.  Bears and Balloons are lots of fun.

BIG NEWS about 2019 FHS Boys Soccer!!!
Tryout tip #1 - Prepare for tryouts:  Work on learning to head using a balloon.

You can learn a lot - not everything- by reading the words on this page.

You can find out a lot about our league, games, times, teams buses and updated info at the SPSL Website:


1)  Get your grades up!!  It does not matter if you are the greatest player in the world
 (yes, yes you are the greatest player in the world).  If you are not passing your classes you can only TALK about how great you are and not SHOW how great you are.

2)  IF you would like to contact the coach email: acrudo@fifeschools.com

3)  If you would like to know about game days, Times and bus schedules - please go to the 

SPSL website: http://www.spslathletics.com/index.php?pid=

See, this is like a loop.  You can start over at the top now and read it again.

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