1.  If you decide to take the AP European History exam (registration is in February), I STRONGLY URGE you to attend AP Review sessions.  My Spring 2016 calendar is done and available on the "Final and AP Exam Review" page.

2.  Here is a link to another educator's AP Euro review site.  It's FANTASTIC!  http://www.tomrichey.net/ap-euro-ten-week-study-plan.html

3.  If you want another copy of the Europe map, I've saved it on the "Geography Help" page.

Need help?  Have a question?  You can contact me at...

  • E-mail:  kathryn.hale@fcps.org
  • Phone:  240-236-7000  (x67116)
 If you are still struggling with geography, use my "geography help" link on the left side of the screen!

AP European History Calendar