Welcome to the Fairview High School Parent Page for the Senior Class After Prom for 2018!

We will use this site to organize all of our efforts this year in preparing for the 2018 After Prom. Please check the website regularly for announcements and information regarding the meeting schedule, fundraising, and meeting minutes. (The meeting days and times will be posted to the Announcements area of this website.) 

All parents are invited and encouraged to attend meetings, help fundraise, and volunteer to help this class have a wonderful After Prom!

After Prom is a PTA-sponsored event whose mission is to ensure the safety of our children by offering a supervised, drug and alcohol-free event filled with entertainment and positive choices. Students will get to enjoy food, games, casino, win prizes and more. Let's make this night a blast for our Seniors! 

Our Group Email: fhsafterprom18@gmail.com

Meetings Location: To be announced before each meeting via email