September 2013

Volume 3                                                                                               September 19th, 2013                                                                                                      Issue 1

What exactly is an Apple TV?

    Many people think an Apple TV is...well, a TV...but it isn't. It's just that little box pictured above. It also comes with a remote. 
    If you buy one for your home, you can connect it to your tv & wifi then stream all kinds of media (photos, movies, music)At FHC, this device is connected to a projector so you can show an iPad image to your students. Unless you're an 'Apple groupie', there's a learning curve to get this working. Call the Learning Commons for help.
    Don't forget, we have 6 iPads, the Apple TV, and a projector for you! Checkout the entire cart, or just one device...whatever you need! 

The best 
information literacy platform
you never knew you had!

    For the 2nd year, FHSD has purchased a subscription to this amazing database. EasyBib provides user-friendly citation, note taking, and research tools to our students. 
    Do your students struggle with evaluating websites? EasyBib has a tutorial for that. Want to give your students an MLA citation guide? EasyBib already has a handout ready... and more!
    EasyBib helps us teach our students how to become effective and organized about a real-world skill!
    For more information, stop by the Learning Commons. 


Now you have access
 to Skydrive Pro!

    This means that when you go to
to access your Windows 365 account, you not only have access to your email...
you'll also have access to your documents!
On the top right, you'll see this menu...
    Our IT department is working on automatically transferring our documents over. If you'd like to get started now, just put in a work order with Ryan Kelly and he will help you get started.
    FHSD specific tutorials are in the works, but until then, here is a quick tutorial explaining Skydrive pro.