October 2013

Volume 4                                                                                               October 23rd, 2013                                                                                                      Issue 2

Have you heard about the Kindle Matchbook program?

    If you've purchased a print book from Amazon since their bookstore opened in 1995, you can probably download the Kindle edition very soon for free! It seems as though Amazon understands that many of us are making the transition to reading ebooks but are still reading in both formats. To entice you, Amazon is promoting this program noting that thousands of titles you've already purchased can be downloaded for free, .99, 1.99, or 2.99!

    Don't have a Kindle? No worries! There are Kindle apps available for smartphones and tables. You can also read them on any PC or Mac!

    Click here for more information.

Socrative 2.0

    Many of you already love using Socrative in your classroom. We wanted to share with you that Socrative is getting an upgrade and it's already available! It's in beta right now, but know that the improvements they've made are excellent. One change is that when doing a student-paced activity students will have the option to work on questions in any order they choose!  

    While Socrative smooths out the 2.0 growing pains, both the older and newer versions are available to use with your students.

    Click here for the Socrative 2.0 user guide.

Are your students losing their documents for your class?

    It's probably not an excuse! Promise. Students used to be able to use any computer in the building, save their work to 'my docs', then work on it at a different computer at a later date. This is not the case anymore! Many students have come to us frustrated and confused because they did not know that their workflow process had changed drastically this year!
    Students and teachers are on two different platforms. They go to outlook.com/my.fhsdschools.org to access their email, Skydrive, etc. We go to
to access our accounts.

    FHSD student tutorials and handouts are linked here.