Fred Handscombe at work

When I read other people's web pages its interesting to know what they do for a job outside their hobby so I have added this page about my job.

My "day job" is in the cellular industry.  I work for Zinwave Ltd. as Director - Technical Services (International).  My area of responsibility is mostly Europe and the Middle East working from our head office in Harston Mill, just south of Cambridge. 

We make indoor RF distribution equipment that can be used to enhance the coverage of your cellphone inside buildings, underground car parks, shopping centres, exhibition centres and airports.  

We sell to many of the cellular companies around the world.  I get involved with the technical side of the sale, system design, training, on site support and post sales support so I lead an interesting life and do quite a bit of travelling.

If you are working in "In-building" my former colleague, Morten Tolstrup, has published an excellent book on the subject called Indoor Radio Planning. His link seems to be broken link now so search for it on Amazon to see more and how to order.