"I know a thing or two about survival but Doc's journey takes survival to an entirely new level.  The enthusiasm of Doc's passion is the beginning of his wisdom.  This book is a must read"!  
Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams)

"An amazing and unique read. The narrative crosses time and dimension. I was completely transported by this very touching story. A possible intriguing motion picture".  
Marlin Sharp, Filmmaker 
"Faith Greater Than Pain offers a unique perspective on the handcart pioneer experience. Where prior works have theorized and waxed eloquent about what we think we understand about the pain, despondence, isolation, doubt, hunger, exhaustion, and overriding all-encompassing faith of the handcart pioneer, 

Doc Cleland actually walks the reader through these experiences as the first person in modern times to pull a handcart and live an authentic pioneer life for all 1,400 miles of trail in an authentic 110 days. The depth of Doc's misery and his spiritual growth is lovingly juxtaposed with Sarah Goode Marshall's experiences in trials, faith, and triumph".  

Martin Harris

Added testiomonial from Martin Harris
The circumstances around which I came to know Lynn "Doc" Cleland are curious, perhaps even miraculous, but a better explanation is that our meeting was orchestrated by loved ones we cannot see. An entire book could be dedicated to the "coincidences" leading up to our meeting. The odds of our crossing paths by pure chance must factor out to somewhere around winning the lottery twice. As Doc states emphatically in his book Faith Greater Than Pain, there are no coincidences. I believe him. Our family came to live in the most unlikely of places, Douglas, Wyoming for reasons only a loving God could understand. Doc's influence on our family is without earthly measure. I wrote a testimony of the Book of Mormon for Doc. It was meant to be my testimony. It isn't. When Doc read "my" testimony back to me some months later, I did not recognize the words, but I know from whence they came. I feel closer to my ancestors and their pioneer faith through Doc Cleland. I learned a great deal from Doc Cleland about faith, love, hope, and the importance of doing hard things, but if I had to distill everything I've learned from this experience into a single point of fact it would be this: God the Eternal Father knows me. He knows what I need better than I know what I need. He has a plan for me that includes triumphs and trials. He influences me and guides me on the path that's right for me at this time in my earthly life. He is so intimately concerned with each of his children, He would send Doc on a 1,400 mile walk just so I could meet him if that's what I needed in my life. Conversely, God would uproot a family of seven and move them to the Wyoming wilderness for no other purpose than to meet Doc Cleland if that's what he needed in his life. We cannot see the end from the beginning, and we often miss the underlying connections in our relationships, but after this experience with Doc's trek I know in a unique and powerful way that family is still family on both sides of the veil, and God is in control. I will always be grateful that Doc Cleland became a part of our lives.