International Workshop on Heterogeneous Face Recognition (HFR)
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The international workshop on Heterogeneous Face Recognition (HFR) will be held in conjunction with IEEE FG 2017 in Washington DC on May 30, 2017. This workshop is among the first to solicit proposals and providing a platform to bringing together the face recognition community in specifically addressing the challenging research gap in the cross-modal face recognition. The workshop will bring together Government & industry representatives, law enforcement agencies and academics for this emerging area of research.

Topics of Interest

The topics of the workshop includes but are not limited to

  • Sensors ((visible, infrared, polarimetric, LiDAR, and emerging sensing technologies))

  • Face detection in the HFR scenario

  • Fiducial point detection / face alignment in HFR (in infrared, thermal, sketches)

  • Face recognition in the wild scenarios (CCTV etc)

  • Face recognition at a distance
  • Infrared (near-infrared, thermal) to visible face matching

  • Sketch (hand sketch, forensic sketch) to visible face recognition

  • Biometrics applications

  • Surveillance, Law enforcement applications