This site is created to support the S Scale Hutchins/FGEX design roof I've made available to convert the S Helper ACF prototype refrigerator car to more closely match the prototype cars of Fruit Growers Express and related companies (WFEX, BREX and NX) in the post-WWII period.

If you want one or more of these roofs, there are still some available. Email fgex1234@yahoo.com for more information.

For a copy of the most current instructions for the FGEX roof kit, click the link below:


(The original version is here)

Larger versions of the images in the instructions are shown below.
Click on each to see if full size for maximum detail.

                            The two images below show the simple replacement of the roof
                            (left) and the more detailed conversion with a new end fascia
                            and channel end sill (right).

The image below shows the sprues or gates that must be filed
and sanded off the roof before fitting it to the model.

The image below points to the drilling dimples for the corner
hand grabs with the adjacent rivet heads.

The image below shows the clip that holds the original roof on.
The roof can be removed by prying with a wide Xacto chisel blade.

This image shows how to insert the blade. slide it in, then pry
up (pushing he handle to the left in them image). Work along
the car side and around the end until the glue joint breaks.

The image below shows the original SHS roof and end fascia removed for replacement.

Other information available on-line:

There are some nice photos of the FGEX car restored at the California State Railroad Museum here:


The paint scheme appears to be accurate, although some of the car details post-date the use of this paint scheme (up to the early 1950's).

Also the Yahoo PRR Pro group (a group for Pennsylvania RR model projects) recently completed a FGEX project and have a large album of both prototype and model photos available to members.


Here is a photo of a finished conversion featuring a new underframe and side sill as well as the roof.