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Fantasy Grounds is a great over-the-net tabletop solution. When a friend showed the program to me, I realized that it could be the perfect way to solve the problem my friends and I were beginning to have: as we go into college and drift apart geographically, and we're becoming less and less able to get together and play tabletop games. But with Fantasy Grounds, we could play our games without needing to be nearby.

Unfortunately, FG didn't have an Exalted ruleset available, and that's the tabletop game that our group plays most frequently. But since rulesets are a combination of XML and Lua scripting, I figured I could create one myself. It turns out, I was correct, and creating a FG ruleset is not exceptionally difficult, especially if you begin from something similar to your goal, and just modify the original.

So, I have taken the New World of Darkness ruleset created for Fantasy Grounds, and I've been slowly turning it into an Exalted ruleset. And after an email exchange with White Wolf's licensing, I am releasing my ruleset under White Wolf's Dark Pack fansite rules. What that means is that the chat window will contain White Wolf's copyright notice when you launch the program using this ruleset, and that I will NOT be releasing any Modules for the ruleset.

Download the current version now!

Feature List
  • Selection between Solar, Lunar, Sidereal, Abyssal, Terrestrial, or Infernal character sheets
  • Specialties limited to 3 dots (as per game rules, not per physical character sheets)
  • Extra Specialties, Backgrounds, and Charms may be added by using the context menu. Extra health levels (from Ox Body Technique) may be added similarly.
  • Weapons, Anima, and Virtue Flaw adapt to the amount of space you need to write everything out.
  • A separate tab for taking notes on whatever you feel is important to you.
  • Rolling dice:
    • Success, failure, and botches calculated automatically!
    • Use the Dice modifier box to add or subtract dice from your roll.
    • Use the Target modifier box to set your target number (4-9) due to Sidereal Astrology.
    • Hold [Shift] to make a damage roll: tens will not count as double, and you cannot botch.
    • Hold [Ctrl] to invert the die reveal flag, which can be set with /die reveal or /die hide (default setting is hide).
  • Beautiful artwork lovingly extracted from the Exalted books in accordance with the Dark Pack rules on using images.
  • Smart "dotstats": the dot-based statistics on the character sheet will fill in correctly (left-to-right) when you click them with the mouse. Additionally, if you drag number data onto them, they will fill appropriately, constricted by their normal bounds.
  • Multiple tabs for in-depth statistics:
    • Inventory
      • Separation of Hand-to-Hand, Thrown, and Archery sections for mundane and artifact weapons.
      • Armor section for mundane and artifact armor and shields.
      • Artifacts section for those artifacts which do not fit under the weapon or armor categories.
      • Since many artifacts and high-quality weapons have names above and beyond simply the weapon's class, the weapons, armor, and artifacts actually have two name fields. You can set the text under the normal field by pressing [Enter], and the current text of the field will be copied over.
        For example: Type "Reaver Daiklave" in the name field of a Hand-to-Hand weapon, and press [Enter]. Reaver Daiklave now appears below the name field. Now, you can rename your Reaver Daiklave to something like "Plentipotentiary of Victory", and get both the flavor of a unique name, and the clarity of a generic weapon type.
      • Mundane equipment for... everything else.
    • Backgrounds †
      • Space to add notes on each background taken (such as Backing with who, what kind of Reputation, etc)
      • Space to note what languages are known to the character. A number of languages listed in the books are available for selection by pressing the up and down arrow keys while editing a language name. Note that you cannot delete a language if you only have one, as all characters have a natural tongue, even the mutes.
      • Dots for all of the Craft skills, as well as space to make your own crafts.
    • Charms
      • Sections for Charms and Knacks, Combos, and Sorcery.
      • Combos have a sub-list with which you can add the component Charms of the Combo.
      • The Sorcery section has a unique context menu for adding elements, allowing you to select the circle of Sorcery or Necromancy that will be added.
    • Backstory
      • Detail the backstory of your character with various types of formatting!
    • Notes
      • Keep notes on your campaign, or what you intend to train next, or whatever you want!
  • High Realm fonts: The storyteller may use the /hr command to send messages in High Realm. This can be for flavor, or to actually throw a puzzle at your players. You could also use it to show something to all of the players, and send whispers to those who know High Realm explaining the translation. See the page on High Realm Script for more information.
    Note: While Low Realm and Old Realm have been detailed in the books, I have no plans of creating equivalents for them at this time.
  • Values for Weapons, Backgrounds, and Charms linked between the first page and the appropriate sub-page.
  • Combat Tracker which utilizes Exalted's Tick system for combat speed
† The Backgrounds tab does not accommodate the Familiar background well. Instead, it is recommended that you or your Storyteller create a separate character sheet for the Familiar, and play both "characters". This allows for a simple interface for characters with multiple Familiars, and allows for powerful Familiars which might be trained in abilities or even Charms. To facilitate this recommendation, players may switch between their controlled characters with a simple click, rather than requiring the use of the context menu. A double click will open the character sheet.

Planned Features
  • More Exalted theme images
  • Exalted combat tracker
  • Merits & Flaws tab
  • Calculated statistics (Essence pools, base Willpower, Defense Values, etc.)
  • Statistics linked between tabs
  • Draggable dot-based statistics
  • Support for modules, should others wish to create modules for themselves
    (Note: while I may add support for using modules, I will not be releasing modules to use)
  • Support for non-Exalt character types: Fair Folk (Raksha), Heroic Mortals, Heroic Ghosts, Mountainfolk, Dragon Kings, Gods, Elementals