Welcome to Mid-Central District where our focus is "Gardening for Birds, Bees and Butterflies"!.  We serve the following Missouri counties:  Crawford, Franklin, Gasconade, Lincoln, Montgomery, St. Charles and Warren. 

Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri have a goal to plant 5,000 native trees and shrubs throughout Missouri to increase habitat for birds and pollinators by the spring of 2017.  Many of our clubs are working with the Conservation Department to provide 4th graders with a tree in the spring.  Club members are also busy adding host plants for caterpillars and nectar plants for butterflies to their home gardens.  Did you know that the pesticides that your exterminators and lawn companies use around your home and yard are one of the biggest reasons that monarchs and honeybees are in decline?  Please consider decreasing or eliminating your use of these products.

We are always welcoming new members to our existing clubs.  If you would like to join a Federated Garden Club, please contact the Club President listed in one of the following counties for further information.
Crawford:  Mary Duryee, Cuba Hills Garden Club  573-885-4907   duryeemary@yahoo.com
Gasconade:  Janet Anderson, Owensville Garden Club 573-437-3323   kokomojan@mail.com
Lincoln:  Prudence Taylor, Troy Garden Club                                     cayopt@hotmail.com
St. Charles:  Diane Goodman, Boone Country Garden Club  636-288-4952  buckshottt@aol.com
St. Charles:  Pat Schnarr, Design Concepts Garden Club  314-488-5316   wpwpat@yahoo.com
St. Charles:  Elaine Fix, Fleur de Lis Garden Society  636-462-3025   elainefix042697@gmail.com
St. Charles:  Carol Ellis, Jardin du Lac Garden Club  314-604-0700 scottcarolellis@gmail.com
St. Charles:  Maxine DeRousse, Lewis and Clark Garden Club  636-541-2510  lderouss@sbcglobal.net
St. Charles:  Maureen Walmsley, O'Fallon Garden Club  812-746-2029  mhwalm@yahoo.com

Additionally, we would like to reach out to all of you who are in Garden Clubs in our area and invite you to join the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri.  We would especially like to add clubs in Franklin and Warren counties so that we have at least one club in every county. The process is quite easy and your club benefits in many ways that I would be happy to discuss with you.  Please consider joining us as we Garden for the Birds, Bees and Butterflies while Caring for our Beautiful Missouri!  Sheri Menscher, Director of Mid-Central District, 636-327-4582 sherimensch@aol.com