Aims of the Association

Association France-Grande Bretagne is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to be a forum for intellectual and friendly exchanges between the people of the two countries. It strives to establish and maintain dialogue between inhabitants of both sides of the Channel by meetings and debates, whilst assuring a better understanding of each other by means of conferences.

There are 30 Associations in France, bringing together 3 000 members of whom about 120 live in and around Lyon. Each Association has its own "personality" and each has made its own declaration at the local Préfecture. The thing that all these associations have in common, is Article 2 of the statutes, which defines their objectives:

"the development of intellectual moral and economic relations between France and Great Britain, as well as the study, in a spirit of union and concordance, of all associated questions"

In this spirit, the objectives of the Lyon & Rhône association include the promotion of cultural and social links between the French and British communities, notably through English-language events in the Lyonnais (69) region.

Welcome to Our Website


The President and Committee Members are happy to welcome you to our site.  As you go through the different links, you will find all details of upcoming activities as well as how to get in touch with the person concerned for more information about your choice of activity.

Our programme offers a variety of events for all tastes, such as talks, visits, theatre and concerts, as well as a number of regular activities such as the Book Circle, Poets' Corner, the Ciné Club, Conversation Groups and English-speaking lunches

This website is developed and maintained by volunteers. Thank you in advance for your patience as the posted information is gradually kept up-to-date. Comments and suggestions about the site are always appreciated; please send them to

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of the upcoming events.

Margaret Marret,



Selected Upcoming Events

May 2017

Scrabble in English

Wednesday 31st May

June 2017

Poets' Corner

Thursday 8th June

LUGDUMEN Visit: Opera for midday ballet performance

Friday 9th June

English speaking luncheon

Friday 9th June

Send reply form and cheque to Margaret Marret  by Tuesday 6th June

Early Evening Conversation Group

Tuesday 13th June

French Conversation Group

Wednesday 14th June

Cocktail Party in honour of the Queen's official birthday

Wednesday 14th June

Send reply form and cheque to Margaret Marret  by Wednesday 7th June

Topic Discussion Group

Thursday 15th June

Afternoon Conversation Group

Monday 19th June

Play reading in English

Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Tuesday 24th |June

Send reply form to Brian Page by Tuesday 20th June

Scrabble in English

Wednesday 28th June

Book Circle

Friday 30th Jun

(See "ACTIVITIES" for all events and information)
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