FFXIV Keywords: Job Class Weaver Guide
Weaver (WVR) - Disciple of the Hand
Guild: Sunsilk Tapestries - Ul'dah
Guild Merchant/Facility NPC: Norbettaux - Ul'dah Merchant Strip (7-6)
Guild Mark NPC: Lafla Morfla - Ul'dah Merchant Strip (7-6)
Primary Tool: Needle
Secondary Tool: Spinning Wheel
Relevant Attributes: Dexterity, Mind




 Stone Throw


 Throw a rock at an enemy.
 Wrist Flick


 Throw with great velocity, causing your next attack to stun the target.


 Temporarily increases rate of success for bold syntheses. Most effective for mass production.
Getting Started as a Weaver
To get started, you will need to equip a Needle in your main hand. You can purchase a Rusty Needle from the following NPC's:
  • Foinine: Gridania - Rosewood Stalls (7-4)
  • Eosilie: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks - East Hawkers' Alley (6-5)
  • Norbettaux: Ul'dah Merchant Strip - Weavers' Guild (7-6)
Next, choose the Synthesize Interaction from your Main Menu. You will need to know the recipe and have the correct materials in order to synthesize the item you want. Alternately, you can accept crafting Levequests from your Local Guildleve Master. 
Local leves are an excellent way to increase your rank without costing anything because the materials are already provided to you. The leve will automatically activate once you accept the levequest, so there is no need to interact with an Aetheryte crystal. However, you may need to speak with an NPC to receive your materials. You will also have to deliver the items once you have synthesized them so check your Journal to find out where to go. Here are some leves to get you started: