Welcome to the pearl of Africa, Uganda known to be the home of the most hospitable people in the whole of Africa. We would like to guide you through its delicacies. We are Ffumba

Vastly gifted with a range of wild life parks, the pearl also has a variety of traditional foods embedded with western foods. Let us show you its wild side
The people of Uganda would like to share their recipes with you.Ffumba is your ultimate recipe connect to the Ugandan delicacies.

  •  It is an android application that Ugandan recipes on your fingertips to guide you through your cooking in the Ugandan specials on the ingredients to use and how to use.
  • It allows you have a health check on any food you have chosen to prepare in calories available, food values present according to ingredients used.
  • It allows you upload recipes but these have to be validated before they are posted on the app.
  • It allows you rate your experience with any meal prepared.

There are many unique and truly authentic recipes in the cuisine of Uganda. Most of the Ugandan recipes have main ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables and a few pieces of meat in them. The recipes from the Ugandan cuisine are not that difficult to prepare if you have the right ingredients with you. Moreover, since they are not very time consuming and neither do they require any ‘special’ equipment for preparing the Ugandan cuisine, you will find that most of the dishes are very easy to make. The Ugandan cuisine is generally not very hot or spicy; therefore you will need to be careful while putting in the right amount of chilies in your Ugandan cuisine. The recipes to Ugandan cuisines are readily available, and indeed you will enjoy preparing your Ugandan cuisine with these traditional and extremely delicious recipes.

Some popular traditional Ugandan recipes include:

       Ebow from Luo

     luwombo from Buganda

      nsenene i.e grasshoppers

        rolex made famous from Busoga

         katogo for breakfast in Buganda