Elven Revolution:

The Grinch population have brainwashed Santa's elven workers, and convinced them that they were enslaved and they had to fight for their rights. Plan after plan, the elves started a violent revolution that took control of the factory and are looking forward to take down the red-hatted lord. You're the Captain of Santa's guards, and you've been given the task to control this situation and save the Christmas from the rebels!

Genre: Campaign RTS

This is my entry for Christmas Hack '09( for Albin Engstrom. It was based upon the following descriptions:
  •      Evil puzzle game, make a puzzle game that is somehow sadistically satisfying. [MINOR]
  •      Crowd control, make a game about controlling massive amounts of something or somethings. [MAJOR]
Basically, it's a strategy game where you have to beat up rebels and use artifacts like flash grenades, smoke grenades, toy guards, and call the pacific-evil lord Santa Claus.

  This one must be my most complete game to date yet. According to the XMas Hack '09 rules, I made it in 8 days(make that seven actually, I lost 1 day because of GMT differences). It was a great experience and I learned to organize my time far more effective than any other way I tried before.

Enough of my rants, just download it. Beware though, I didn't have time to implement pathfinding, but the micro-management needed is suitable.

Windows binaries and source code included:

Enjoy it! The main campaign is 8 missions long.

Dune Smasher: Use your high-tech heavy armored tank to blast the enemy jeeps! Shoot 'em, blast 'em, crash 'em, zap'em, burn'em, pierce'em, pursuit'em, and finally... nuke'em! Nothing is enough for this great tank.

This one's fun, and a challenger for the high-score has appeared! Rick.mdp is winning with the amazing score of 263575 points! Way to go!

Source code and Windows binaries included.

Download it here:

I built this gem in 2 days with even an earlier version of the KGF. Enough said I still play it every now and then when I need some good pure action.


Underground Mayhem:
Use your mine cart to drive through the crazy zig-zag rails and avoid the falling
rocks! Also, the place is full of water!

This game's not fun at all :(. I did it in 2 days, but it has a nice water effect. You need a GPU that supports FBO, PixelShader 2.0, and OpenGL.

Source code and Windows binaries included.

Download it here: Thanks MiquelFire for the mirror!
Mediafire Mirror:

This game was built with an early version of my KGF.