Spotted Blue-eye

Pseudomugil gertrudae

This small Rainbow fish is rarely seen in shops, but look great in a group. They can be found in streams in North Austrailia and New Guinea. You sill recognise the breed straight away from their floresent blue eyes that they have even as a fry.

Males tend to be a green-yellow colour, with bright yellow pectoral fins. The remales tend to have an orange blush, which is stronger at the tail. Both genders are splashed with spots from head to tail.

Adults barely reach one inch in size, so are good for a community aquarium if thier tank mates are peaceful. Their size makes them perfect for the smallest aquariums. They tolerate 23-28C and PH of around neutral.

This species is a bottom spawner. Their fry take around 20 days to hatch. The parents dont tend to eat the fry, but the fish should be considered annuals.

Maximum size: 1.2 inches

Minimum tank size: 2 gallons

Water requirements: 70-85° F, will tolerate a wide range of water chemistry

Breeding: egg layer


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