Rubberlip/Bulldog Pleco

Chaetostoma sp.

The rubberlip pleco is one of the smaller species of plecos. It will grow to around 6 inches. There are many species that are very similar to the rubberlip pleco, so pay careful attention when buying. They all require the same care, but do not all grow to the same size. They can be very difficult to distinguish from one another. The most commonly sold rubberlip pleco is the Chaetostoma thomsoni.

These fish inhabit fast moving streams with many smooth rocks and pebbles. Keep this in mind when decorating your tank for rubberlip plecos. They enjoy swimming into a current, and will spend almost all of their time in the current, so try to position a powerhead so it moves water over a large, smooth stone, and your rubberlip pleco will greatly appreciate it.

Rubberlip plecos, like all plecos, can not survive only by eating in-tank algae. Their diet must be supplemented with algae wafers and/or fresh veggies such as zuccini, cucumber, and lettuce.

Maximum size: 6 inches

Minimum tank size: variable due to different species, but 20 gallons is about average

Water requirements: 76-80° F, will tolerate a wide range of water chemistry

Breeding: egg layer


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