Colossoma bidens

There are 2 types of Pacu, the red belly pacu and the black pacu. Pacus are a relative of the pirahna that grows to very large sizes. They grow to lengths of over 2 feet, and due to their wide, thick body, they can grow to weigh upwards of 40 pounds. For this reason they are not reccommended for most home aquaria. A single Pacu will quickly outgrow even a 300 gallon aquarium, but these fish require schools, so no less than 1000 gallons is reccommended for keeping this fish.

Although they are close relatives of pirahnas, pacus are strictly vegetarian. When small they will do fine on flake food, but as they grow it is best to switch to a pellet food. They should always be supplemented with veggies such as lettuce, zuccini, cucumber, and other green veggies.

Maximum Size: 2 feet or bigger

Minimum Tank size: 1000 gallons

water requirements: 78-84 degrees F, soft, acidic water is preferred, but will adapt to most water chemistry

Breeding: egg layer


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