Poecilia spenops, Poecilia latipina, and Poecilia velifera

Poecilia spenops is commonly known as the short-finned molly. Poecilia latipina is commonly known as the sailfin molly, and Poecilia velifera is commonly known as the Mexican Sailfin Molly. The difference between the latter 2 species is the number of rays in the dorsal fin. P. latipina typically has 14 rays, and P. velifera typically has 18 rays. All 3 species require the same care. They are very adaptable to water conditions, and will tolerate any PH between 6.5 and 8.2. A temperature from 75-82° F is preferred. Short-finned mollies grow to 4 inches long, and because of their highly active behavior, no less than 20 gallons is required(3 at most). Sail-fin mollies grow larger, to 6 inches, and no less than 30 gallons is required(4 at most). The gender is easily distinguishable, with the male's anal fin pointed to form a gonopodium, and the female's anal fin fan-shaped. They will readily breed in any home aquaria.


Mollies are also highly adaptable to live in brackishwater. Because they will much on several types of algae, many brackishwater aquarists use them as a "clean up crew" in their brackishwater aquarium. There are even reports of mollies being kept in full marine, though it is not known whether they will breed in full marine.

Maximum size: 4-6 inches(see description)

Minimum tank size: 20-30  gallons(see description)

Water requirements: 76-82° F, hard water is prefered, but will adapt to any water chemistry

Breeding: livebearers


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