Dwarf Puffer

Carinotetraodon travancoricus

The Dwarf Puffer is a small pufferfish native to India. Controversy exists whether these fish are brackishwater or freshwater, but most people have best success keeping them in freshwater, and many have found that Dwarf Puffers are very intolerant of salt. Pufferfish are extremly sensitive to nitrites and ammonia and should only be introduced into a fully cycled aquarium. Due to their messy eating habits, overfiltration is recommended. Minimim tank size is 3 gallons, and because they are territorial, an additional 3 gallons is reccommended for each additional Dwarf Puffer. They are not reccommended for the community aquarium. They may be peaceful when young, but as they mature they become aggressive fin nippers, and will take down fish much bigger than they are.


Maximum size: 1 inch

Minimum tank size: 3 gallons

Water requirements: 76-78° F, Ph not critical as long as extremes are avoided

Breeding: egg layer


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