Siamese Fighting Fish

Betta splendens

The betta is a native fish of the shallow waters of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and parts of China. They live in rice paddies, ponds, and slow moving streams. They have a labyrinth organ, which allos them to breath air from the surface of the water, and they must do so to survive. Optimal water requirements are soft, acidic water, with a temperature of 75-85° F. They should be fed a diet of meaty foods. Specialized betta pellets are a good source of food, but bettas should be supplemented live and/or frozen foods as well. They grow to an adult size of 3-4 inches, and need a minimum tanks size of 2 gallons, preferably at least 5 gallons. Bettas are peaceful towards most other species, but their tankmates should not be anything with long, flowing fins that the betta may mistake for another betta, and they should not be kept with fish that will nip their fins. Male bettas generally should not be kept with any other bettas, except for breeding, which is a temporary set-up.

Maximum size: 4 inches

Minimum tank size: 2.5 gallons

Water requirements: 76-82° F, will tolerate any Ph or hardness within reason

Breeding: egg layer/bubblenest


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