F F Spanking Stories

  • (esp. of a horse or its gait) Lively; brisk
  • (spank) a slap with the flat of the hand
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  • Fine and impressive
  • alert: quick and energetic; "a brisk walk in the park"; "a lively gait"; "a merry chase"; "traveling at a rattling rate"; "a snappy pace"; "a spanking breeze"
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f f spanking stories
f f spanking stories - BARE TO
BARE TO DISCIPLINE VOLUME 9; M/F Spanking Erotica Discipline Stories
BARE TO DISCIPLINE VOLUME 9; M/F Spanking Erotica Discipline Stories
Bare to Discipline Vol. 9 is a delicious erotic collection of M/F spanking, OTK, BDSM, romance and discipline stories. There are absolutely no repeated stories from Vol. 1 - Vol. 8. This book contains new stories of women who get their bare bottoms spanked. If the vision of a woman?s naked behind getting soundly spanked excites you, this book delivers. Written by the same author of SPANKING SAMPLER, The BARE TO DISCIPLINE series VOL. 1-9: M/F Spanking Erotica Discipline Stories, BRANDED (REVISED EDITION): An Old West Spanking Tale, EXECUTIVE PUNISHMENT, PRISONER OF DISCIPLINE, HALFWAY HOUSE: Discipline, RAZOR STRAP LEGACY, A SPANKING RICH GOLD RUSH, STRAPS AND STILETTOS, THE SPANKING ORDER, PADDLING AND POLYGAMY, THE SEA FLOGGER, STRICTLY SPANKING, DOMESTIC SPANKING FOR DISCIPLINE, and many more to come. This book contains sexually explicit material and the spanking of adult women. Spanking erotica is exploding in today?s society with increasing popularity. Never has it been more accepted than it is now. If you are drawn to even the inkling of the spanking of an upturned bared bottom, whether it?s with a belt, brush, cane or even a hand, these sample stories may give you the answer you are looking for or a desire you wish to fulfill or didn?t even know existed. ADULT CONTENT.

It's no secret I love old automobiles, cherried-out or especially rusted-out. But I've always had a soft spot for old trucks. For 16yrs I drove an '87 Ford F150 I named "Beast". Beast and I wandered the highways and biways throughout the Southwest. 300,000+ faithful miles, and Beast looked every single foot of those miles by the time I finally retired him. I still have Beast, though. Won't part with him, period. See, Beast was brand-spanking new when I first met him. Only 17 miles on the odometer. He was my father's first ever NEW auto. A 58th birthday present to himself, the boy from Dustbowl Oklahoma who by 8 yrs old was picking oranges in California's "Land of Milk and Honey" (now you have a hint as to my obsession with Route 66 ;) ). He was so proud of that truck! When my dad handed me the keys for my first time behind the wheel--the stick so tight I had to use both hands to shift to 3rd--I wouldn't make left turns. See I'd gone from driving a Chevy Chevette to an F-150 with an 8ft bed! He finally looked at me and said, "You know, those back wheels are gonna go where the front wheels do." That was in April of 1987. But by November of that year, diabetes brought my father down, and thus Beast and I became the road warriors that we were for so many years. An insurance agent asked me once after Beast had rolled over to 250,000 miles and I was getting a new policy, "What kind of anti-theft system do you have?" I said, "He's old. He's ugly. And the only thing that DOESN'T leak on him is the driver. And that's only occasionally." I rarely visit my dad's grave. I know he's not really there. Instead, he was in the passenger seat of that F-150, bouncing along with me down some lonely backroad (he loved nothing more than picking roads and wandering down them, just to see what was at the other end). And while Beast has been retired now for a few years, I still from time to time feel my dad's presence in the passenger's seat. I drive a Carolla now. Not quite as good at off-roading, but not as hungry, either. So when I run across an old truck like this, I think of my dad, and (his) my beloved Beast. And I wonder about the stories these old trucks tell.
Story Part 7
Story Part 7
I was trying for something totally different here and am pretty pleased with the results..kinda a bulletin board in this person's house with all this stuff from her relationship tacked to it. Plus I got to put a picture of her smiling, which I admit is sorely lacking in this little project. She didn't look somber through the whole shoot! Just that those pics worked best with the whole story line thing. As a bonus, we have cleavage in this one..and who doesn't like that! The tape turned out really good and was fun to make. I FINALLY got rid of my old Photoshop 7 that I was using and now have the brand-spanking new CS5 extended, which is SO F-ing awesome! It's like a photo-editing dorks wet dream. Can do so much more with this version.
f f spanking stories
f f spanking stories
Women Spanking Women
Curves, spanking, tears, passion.

Ralph Greco’s talent for writing F/F spanking fiction shines through in this collection of stories about women in spanking relationships. Hot, hard bare-bottom spankings are described in explicit detail as is the raw emotions and lust that result from a firm spanking administered by a caring partner.

In “In The Kitchen,” the writer accurately depicts the anticipatory dread and cathartic cries that result from a spanking, when submissive Jean is given the choice between a hairbrush and ruler wielded by her dominant partner Mary.

In “Monitoring,” when Anne and Kathy pick up the sounds of another couple in their apartment building engaged in spanking, the two friends decide to indulge in their own dark fantasies, with sexually explosive results.

In “A New Day,” Donna’s high tolerance for pain and submission are taken to new levels by a dominant partner more than willing to test - and find - her limits.

Three other stories include…

I Say, Can I Get Me a Witness? - She’d make me face her and wait while she swat or whipped my tits or the inside of the front of my thighs! She could be a real serious bitch when she wanted to, laughing all the while. In fact the last time she spanked me, open handed and hard.Janet had swatted me while I stood over her, my pants down to my ankles, my right thigh right up there against hers as she alternated her smacks from the front of my legs to the sides of my ass!

Keeping Pace - Miss Pace believed in spanking to discipline her assistants, especially the young, pretty ones. Besides the punishment spankings, there were also erotic ones. Melissa loved them both.

Erin's Plan - Every couple of weeks, Erin needed to be punished. Her friend Claire was happy to oblige, but knew that she was going to have to find something extra to enhance the effect.