Divinia's Tea Sandwiches

12 servings


24 slices of a fine-textured white bread

36 small, wafer-thin slices raw sweet onion

1 ½ cup Duke’s mayonnaise

Salt to taste

1 cup minced parsley


Cut the slices of bread into rounds with a small biscuit cutter (or a water glass), about one inch diameter.


Choose small onions and slice them so that each circle will be a little smaller than the bread rounds.


Spread each piece of bread with mayonnaise. On half the pieces arrange the onion slice and season with salt. Cover the onion with the remaining pieces of bread to assemble sandwiches.


Spread the remaining mayonnaise on a wooden board and sprinkle the chopped parsley on another board. Hold each sandwich round lightly between thumb and finger so it will turn like a wheel. Roll the edge in mayonnaise, then in parsley. Set the sandwiches, as they are completed, on waxed paper and chill thoroughly.