Political Action

Political Action Committee: Will keep the FEA active in the public arena in support of teacher and/or educational issues. The committee will: 
    a. Establish a Political Action Committee for fundraising purposes and solicit contributions from the FEA membership. We might consider doing this in conjunction with the CEA and/or             other local associations. 
    b. Identify members willing to be politically active when the situation arises, like: fighting adverse state policies, getting the Fairfield Education budget passed, fighting adverse policies             under BOE consideration, fighting changes to the retirement system that would eliminate the current defined benefit plan, getting our contract passed, etc. 
    c. Disseminate information on legislation that requires members to contact legislators. 
    d. Interview candidates running for elected local, statewide, and federal positions regarding their views on educational policy initiatives. Publish the results in the FEA monthly newsletter         (similar to what the League of Women Voters does during elections) 
    e. Maximize the CEA political apparatus in helping us achieve our goals, like: passing a budget, electing RTM members supportive of teachers and education, electing state officials                     supportive of teachers and education 
    f. Invite candidates to a debate in front of teachers in order to garner support (After all, we are 1000+ votes in the state and 333+ votes in Fairfield CT). 
    g. Organize a Get-out-the-vote effort at election time. This could include phone banks and door-to-door solicitation, and local advertisements. 
    h. (OPEN ITEM) Decide whether we want to endorse a particular candidate. Maybe this would only happen via consensus of the members.