Membership Activities

Membership Activities Committee: Will be responsible for creating value between/among the FEA members as well as running and organizing all FEA social events. Examples would include: 
    a. Maintaining a list of membership contact information, interests, skills and services for internal use only by the other committees. 
    b. Working with the VPs to match members up, based on various interests, with FEA initiatives. 
    c. Organizing and running the FEA picnic and any other membership-wide events (i.e. retirement and holiday parties should they make a comeback) 
    d. Organizing and running the New Hire Orientation Luncheon that takes place during the yearly New Hire Orientation. 
    e. Organizing social and informational events that include as few as two members to as many as hundreds, including 
        i. Establishment of a lecture series on topics of interest 
            1. Health insurance 
            2. Retirement 
            3. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 
            4. Financial Management and Investing 
            5. Accounting 101: How to read a budget, a balance sheet and a profit and loss (P&L) statement 
            6. Topics relating to professional responsibilities, like: curriculum writing; special education and the law; differentiating instruction; effective use of formative and 
                summative assessments; the Fairfield Public Schools Teacher Evaluation Program and how to maximize your score; teacher leadership; effective public speaking; etc. 
        ii. Establishment of FEA athletic teams (spouses could participate) possibly including: basketball, softball, volleyball, handball, bowling leagues, etc. 
        iii. Member outings/competitions/clubs like biking, hiking, walking; golf or tennis outings/tournaments; theatre group; cooking club; book group; etc. 
        iv. Creation of a database of services FEA members would like to offer to other members and the community for pay like: tutoring (SAT, ACT, SBAC); childcare, therapy, 
                college admissions, athlete recruitment, personal fitness, yoga, exercise classes, etc. 
        v. Establishment of social gatherings, like: Friday Happy Hour; game, movie, and bowling nights; concert series; etc. 
    f. Communicating what benefits the CEA and NEA offer and how to access them.