Mission Statement

The Fergus Falls Gymnastics Academy (FFGA) is committed to the instruction, practice and advancement of youth in the sport of gymnastics.

FFGA was formed in July 2005 and is organized as a non-profit entity dedicated to educational purposes. The Academy is structured legally as a non-profit group, with a board of directors, a program director and coaches all focused on the promotion of gymnastics within the Fergus Falls area.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors usually meets quarterly. Any issues which need addressing should be submitted to the board president at least a week before the board meeting.

All parents and gymnasts are welcome at any board meeting. If you are wanting to know the exact date and time, please contact the FFGA Office.  


Rules and Regulations For the Gymnast
Boys may wear shorts and a t-shirt to class.  Girls must wear a leotard or one-piece swimsuit. No two-piece swimsuits. No tights, jeans, or jewelry items are allowed.  All hair needs to be pulled back away from faces.  Everyone goes barefoot.  Leos will be available for sale at the gym at the beginning of each session.

At the Gym
• Arrive at the gym in a timely manner, but no sooner than 10 minutes before class begins.
• When you arrive at the gym, store your clothing and other belongings in the available cubbies.  Keep coats, socks, shoes and other items off the floor.
• Make sure you have used the bathroom before class begins.
• Stay off of all the equipment until your coach tells you it is OK to begin.
• Listen and obey your coach.  Your coach wants you and your classmates to be safe.  Following instructions carefully will ensure the safety of all.
• Respect your classmates at all times.  No verbal harassment (name-calling, teasing) is allowed.
• No candy, pop, gum or other food items are allowed in the gym.  You may bring a water bottle.
• Place any trash in the garbage can.
• You may bring a water bottle to the gym.
• Make sure you have all your belongings together before you leave the gym.


Rules and Regulations For the Parents

Parent Involvement
Parents are a vital component of the Fergus Falls Gymnastics Academy.  Throughout the year, you will be asked to participate in a variety of ways.  Primarily, participation is needed in fund raising and gym upkeep. 

Registration MUST be completed before your child can participate in class.  

E-mail is the preferred form of communication, so please check yours regularly.

At the Gym

Drop your gymnast off in a timely manner.

Be sure your child uses the bathroom before class begins. A child must be potty trained to begin the program, except for the Toddler Tots.

Make sure your child knows he/she cannot climb on the equipment before class begins.You may watch class from the upper bleachers, but your presence can sometimes be a distraction. We will have designated Parent Observation Weeks throughout the session (the first, middle and last weeks of the session).  Please respect the coaches, other gymnasts and parents in this matter. Address any special issues directly with the coach.

Parents’ Day will be on the first, middle, and last day of each session. Please feel free to bring your camera on that day.

Make sure your gymnast has all his/her belongings before leaving the gym. Pick your child up on time. Coaches cannot be responsible for gymnasts after class is over.

If your gymnast will be missing class, contact the coach before the class session. No credit will be given for absences.

Coaches will use a combination of verbal warnings and contacting parents for any misbehavior. A gymnast may be asked to leave the program if behavior does not improve.


FFGA Fundraising

Currently our Recreational Program does not have any required fundraising. Although we would encourage everyone to participate in our fundraising events that we have throughout the year to help out FFGA.

Our Teams do have mandatory fundraising throughout the year and will be given more information on this, at the beginning of their Season.


Tuition Policies

Tuition for a recreational class should be paid in full by the first day of each session. If not paid, a $10 late fee will be assessed.

A third child discount of 50% will be applied to the smallest tuition fee.

For any child after the third, a discount of 100% will be applied to the smallest tuition fees(s).

Refunds will not be given for individuals who miss class(es). This includes regularly scheduled classes and make-up classes.

Payments can be made: 1) online with credit/debit card,   2) mail cash/check to PO Box 1004, or 3) bring payment on the first day of class.


Registration Policies

Registration will be open online for a fixed period of time prior to the upcoming session.

Participation in the program is not allowed if registration has not been completed.

A family with an outstanding balance from a previous session will be unable to register until the balance is paid in full, unless otherwise arranged with the Office Manager.


Cancellation Policies

Classes at the Fergus Falls Gymnastics Academy will be cancelled if the weather conditions are dangerous. As a general rule, if school or activities are cancelled for Fergus Falls Public Schools, gymnastics will also be cancelled. To be informed of school closing, subscribe to the ISD 544 weather related alerts or check local radio and television stations. Weather related cancellations will not be made up unless otherwise directed by the coaches.

Our USA Gymnastics and JV/Varsity practices may be cancelled at the discretion of the USA Gymnastics and JV/Varsity coaches. In this event, the coaches may issue a make-up day, in accordance with the MN State High School Rules and Regulations.

Please stay up to date with class notes and your email for information regarding unplanned cancellations.