FFGA's Recreational Director:
  Satera Harlow

**If the class is full:  Please register for that class and go onto the wait list.  There are many times that someone drops out of the class and we are then able to get you in.  Also, if we have a lot of people on the wait list, we might be able to open another class, depending on if we have space available in the gym.**

Online Registration is now closed for Spring Session.

**If you are unsure of what class to register for, contact our office to set up an assessment to help place you in the correct class.**

Please do not drop off your child(ren) more than 15 minutes before class begins.

There is a Spring Show fee of $18.00 per child that will be added to your balance once you

 have registered. This is for the Spring Show uniform. If you decided that your child(ren)

will not participate in the Spring Show, please contact the office for a refund.

Advance (Friday class) & Ninja Fit Classes are only 6-weeks due to Good Friday


Open to boys and girls ages 6-12.
This class is for new gymnasts to learn all four gymnastic apparatus and begin to build basic skills such as cartwheels, pullovers, basic vault and getting familiar and comfortable on the balance beam. We strive to help each gymnast attain skills with confidence! Coaches will observe the skills of each individual gymnast so that students are placed in skill level sub-groups that fit their abilities and challenge them to new skills!


Open to boys and girls ages 6-12 who have passed the Beginner 2 class.
This class enhances previous gymnastic instruction. We encourage more flexibility and strength and continue striving for skill progression on all four apparatus. Skills like round offs, walkovers, hip circles, beam mounts and dismounts, jumps, turns, and vault skills to name a few! Skills of each individual gymnast are observed throughout each session to ensure our gymnasts are placed in a group that fits their needs!


Open to boys and girls ages 6-12 who have passed the Intermediate class. Those entering this class should have mastered the basic skills learned in our previous classes. They will begin to learn more advanced skills such as front and back handsprings and will work on connecting tumbling skills. We will also work on advancing their skill level on the bars, beam, and vault in preparation for future competition opportunities. We strive to prepare our gymnasts for the competitive levels. This class is a serious skill focus in a fun environment!